Gigaset und Home Connect Plus

What is Home Connect Plus and how does it work?

1. November 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

“With Home Connect Plus you can connect and control various smart home appliances and even entire systems from different manufacturers with just one app. Wasting time switching between apps becomes a thing of the past, giving you more time for the things that really matter. For an even smarter home to suit your needs: convenient, free of charge, and individual,” as it says on the Bosch Smart Home website. But what’s the difference between ‘Home Connect Plus’ and ‘Home Connect’, and isn’t is all Bosch? And why is Home Connect Plus so important as the central platform for Smart Home? We have done some research and found a number of interesting articles that we’re presenting here in brief.

The Home Connect and Home Connect Plus brands belong to the Bosch Group. They both see themselves as smart home solutions for controlling devices from different manufacturers via a single app, allowing users to see shutters, thermostats and lighting at a single glance. As with other smart home systems, automations are also possible, triggering further actions through individual commands. For example, the lights and heating switch themselves off when you lock the door.

In addition, you can also create individual scenarios with the connected devices. If you want to enjoy a soothing bath, for example, you start the “wellness” routine: The towel radiator warms up, the lights are dimmed, and the Bluetooth loudspeaker plays your favorite playlist.

What’s the difference between Home Connect and Home Connect Plus?

Home Connect is a platform for home appliances from different manufacturers, connecting them partners and services. Washing machines, the fridge, dishwasher, and more can then be controlled at the touch of a button.

While Home Connect connects home appliance, the focus for Home Connect Plus is on the areas of heating, lighting and security. It can also be used to connect plugs, garden appliances and other products. Home Connect Plus is an app that combines all practically smart home devices in one user interface, hence allowing the user to create connections themselves. Home appliances from Home Connect can, of course, also be integrated.

Data security with Home Connect Plus

Home Connect Plus is what is known as a cloud-to-cloud service, in other words, the devices are not controlled directly. Instead, the app communicates with the manufacturers’ individual apps. An active Internet connection is required for that to work.

Which manufacturers support Home Connect and Home Connect Plus?

Home Connect and Home Connect Plus are open, free-of-charge platforms, so the list of compatible products keeps on growing all the time. The following manufacturers currently support the platform:

Does Home Connect Plus replace the other apps?

No, the manufacturers’ apps are still required, but the devices only need to be set up there. Everything can then be controlled via the Home Connect Plus app. The manufacturers’ apps must still be installed for that.

As tink.de reports, smart home products from more than 40 leading providers are supported by Home Connect Plus, making the tedious need to switch between various apps from different manufacturers a thing of the past. Instead, you can control the lighting, heating, security system, and more via a single intuitive user interface.

What’s the difference between Home Connect Plus and Matter?

Unlike the Matter communication protocol, the Home Connect Plus application sees itself as a layer above the individual smart home systems that use different wireless standards. Data is transmitted between the individual devices in an encrypted WiFi network via the WiFi router. Bosch has already announced that it will gradually be integrating Matter into its smart home products from 2023. The Home Connect apps will probably then also be able to “speak” Matter in the future.

Gigaset and Home Connect Plus

It is impossible for one individual manufacturer to offer every possible and conceivable smart home product. Accordingly, customers keep on encountering limitations. An alarm system and lighting control from Gigaset, but no shutter and garden control or home appliances. Home Connect Plus overcomes these boundaries and creates whole new scenarios for users, which is why Gigaset is a partner of Home Connect Plus and can be combined with all well-known smart home solutions.

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