Why Business Travelers want THIS Device in their Hotel Room

20. June 2017 Published by Raphael Doerr


How I prefer to communicate with hotels as their guest has changed quite a bit over the last few years. In the past, comfort, luxury and the ability to choose my needs on demand and by myself, were less important to me than they are now. Mostly, that’s because I now go on more business trips than personal ones. My own device, like my tablet or smartphone, used to be my buddy in my hotel room and outside of it. I used to look up what I wanted to do or where I wanted to eat on my own device, usually via Google and often without any idea where to start. Something that turned out to be pretty inefficient, since I was unable to distinguish the options. I also used to go to the hotel reception to talk to the concierge and to ask for tips, but over the years I discovered I’ve been doing that less and less. This makes me more independent, even when it comes to the contact and communication with the hotel itself.

Who is this independent hotel guest?

The independent hotel guest, also known as the business traveler and usually part of Generation Y, is a traveler who think it’s important that the minimum amount of luxury he’s used to at home, is also offered by a hotel room. Due to technological developments, our personal life is now equipped with three or four different devices, such as a smartphone, tablet and laptop, which we can use to download, upload, and request information. It’s the new standard and we’ve become used to high level and full service applications, devices and technological solutions that support us on an individual level. While traveling, this need for technology doesn’t change, which creates a dual demand: a modern hotel room with the latest lifestyle trends, supported by hidden or seamless technology in order to make our stay as personal as possible. Luckily, I’ve come to discover that most hotels already provide this experience.

Business travel and business tools

Every day, business guests – either individually or as part of a business visit – check in for a stay at the Dorint Hotel in Oberursel, Germany (at a short distance from metropolitan city Frankfurt, and Frankfurt Airport). That makes this hotel an interesting example of the demands a modern hotel room should meet. The hotel room should fit in with the digital transformation of our society, where digital independence is less of a challenge and more of a comfort. This is exactly what the Dorint Hotel offers. The hotel reception remains the first point of contact – here, you can ask anything. More importantly, you can also do this from your hotel room. Business and leisure have been combined effectively in the Gigaset pro HD touchscreen (Maxwell 10). The device serves as a tablet, and offers access to the internet and all modern apps you’ve become accustomed to. The ‘24/7 on demand’ mentality is an integral part of this hotel.

The combination of a direct connection with the hotel and the services is unique. Examples are: activities that can be booked directly, like beauty treatments at the spa, or a dinner table. Furthermore, the room service options and menu can be viewed digitally, as well as the restaurant’s opening times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, the hotel can send you push notifications on the device in case they have any special offers.

The device offers different tabs that allow you to request up-to-date information about the location you’re staying at: tips for local restaurants, hiking routes and shopping addresses, which you can then email to yourself. Then, there’s an option to call the reception, using the receiver next to the touchscreen. And the tablet offers the convenience of setting your own alarm (instead of a wake-up call), calling your own cab and starting a video conference with business relations or your loved-ones at home. The device’s language settings are adjustable.

What does this device have to offer?

Because it takes into account the standards modern travelers are used to at home, it feels very comforting to have support and attention via technology within reach. The phone and screen are integrated, which means you no longer need your smartphone if you’re a guest at this hotel. You can use the tabs to log on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and your email. And even fashion and lifestyle websites for men and women, as well as international news websites, are directly linked via the touchscreen. All tabs, in combination with the direct hotel connection and environment information, in one screen – for a two- to three-click solution for every question or need you may have as a user. The result: a personal internet guide within reach, during your entire stay.

This article was written by Lobke Elbers, Journalist at TravelNext, after he stayed at Dorint Hotels and experienced the Maxwell 10 and Betterspace software. This content was also published on the website of TravelNext.

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