GX290 Winter

You can rely on this smartphone!

17. May 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

A smartphone that survives a fall from a ladder or an unexpected diving trip in an aquarium without any problems – this is something that is not only highly valued in Germany. The robustness of the Gigaset GX290 plus smartphone is also in high demand in the Netherlands. It is precisely this robustness that is becoming a unique selling point for the outdoor smartphone there. Now a Dutch partner of Gigaset has produced a short YouTube video about the rugged outdoor smartphone GX290 plus, highlighting the most important features of the rugged smartphone.

In the video by the Dutch telecommunications service provider Lagarde Groep, short montages are used to clearly explain what the Gigaset GX290 plus can do and what features it offers customers. “How practical would it be if you had a sturdy mobile phone? One that can withstand a lot and doesn’t break right away if it falls on the floor or into water. I have found such a smartphone for you,” says the presenter of the video.

You can view the full video here:

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