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6 exciting true crime podcasts from Germany

17. February 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

What began with the media presence of Jack the Ripper in the 19th century is now not just a trend, but a hype. We’re talking about true crime – the hair-raising genre that has become part of more and more books, documentaries and podcasts in recent years and provides its listeners with a regular dose of adrenaline. True Crime podcasts in particular are a wonderful way to add a good dose of rousing entertainment to the classic Corona walk, or to curl up on the sofa on a cold, rainy day, get goosebumps every now and then and puzzle along attentively. But where to start? We present 6 exciting true crime podcasts from Germany.

Tatort Berlin

Berlin calling! This podcast is brand new and has only been running since November 2021. For “Tatort Berlin”, Tagesspiegel editor Katja Füchsel spent a whole year getting up close and personal with the capital’s murder cases. Now she is not only on a first-name basis with the homicide squad, but also knows their interrogation tricks and most exciting cases down to the smallest detail. In an interview with Sebastian Leber, she tells a new true crime story of the Berlin investigators every two weeks.

Very well researched and with exciting original voices of the detectives: In episodes like “Murder without a body” or “The tattooed torso”, you almost feel as if you are looking over the shoulder of the professionals at work.

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Zeit Verbrechen

Exciting true crime podcasts from Germany have a proud beginning. And that is “Zeit Verbrechen”. Since 2018, a new episode has been published every second Tuesday and fans and accolades have been diligently collected: over ten thousand ratings and the German Podcast Prize in the category of best journalistic performance. No wonder, since ZEIT’s deputy editor-in-chief Sabine Rückert and the editor of ZEIT Wissen, Andreas Sentker, are at work here.

Intelligent with an educational aspect and 100% factual accuracy: Sabine Rückert worked for a long time as a court reporter and often talks about cases in which she herself was involved as a journalist. Her extensive knowledge of everything from forensic medicine to criminal psychiatry paired with personal stories are as serious as they are entertaining.

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You can also listen to very well researched, but somewhat casually narrated criminal cases from Germany by two FUNK journalists: Paulina Krasa and Laura Wohlers take it in turns to deal with the subject of a case in advance and then present it to the other. Every two weeks on Wednesdays there is a good combination of suspense, psychology and background knowledge about criminal law.

Exciting true crime podcasts that manage to strike a balance between seriousness and a wink at dark topics are rare. This is one of them! Mordlust speaks intelligently and at the same time casually and naturally, without ever becoming banal. This beautiful mixture can also be seen and heard more and more often on stage as a live podcast.

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Verbrechen von nebenan

At the beginning of 2019, Philipp Fleitner launched his podcast “Verbrechen von nebenan” (Crime next door) – with resounding success and now also his own book and TV format on SKY. Exciting true crime podcasts are not only entertaining, but also have the potential to turn a previously largely unknown radio presenter from Gütersloh into one of the most successful German podcasters. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: Fleitner deals with true crime from the neighbourhood. Because the particularly hair-raising cases usually don’t happen on the big stage, but right next door.

Every fortnight on Mondays, you can listen to Philipp Fleitner’s retelling of true crime cases in a rousing and well-researched way. Guests and experts are invited regularly and there is also more information for interested listeners on social media.

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Mord auf Ex

Exciting true crime podcasts can also be enjoyed with an evening drink. In that case, it’s best to tune in to Mord auf Ex, where the presenters do the same: The two journalists Leonie Bartsch and Linn Schütze treat themselves to at least one too many glasses of wine with every episode. They laugh, gossip and talk about major cases from all over the world and throughout history with a slight tendency towards the absurd.

From Jack the Ripper to Ted Bundy, nothing is spared in this podcast and the whole thing is then spiced up with anecdotes from the everyday lives of Leo and Linn. However, if you want structure, substantial information and seriousness, you’re in the wrong place. Mord auf Ex is light entertainment that is fun to listen to – every week just in time for the Sunday blues.

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Weird Crimes

What happens when a presenter and a comedienne team up to talk about true crime? Then exciting true crime podcasts get a new subgenre, where things get a bit weird and extremely entertaining at the same time. Weird Crimes is a podcast that covers only the most bizarre cases. From cocaine cruises to cat kings to chessboard killers and crypto queens, it’s all here. Every second Thursday, you can listen to presenter Visa Vie recount bizarre crimes while the previously unsuspecting Ines Anioli listens in and offers her questions and comments.

For all the madness, this podcast is intelligent and well-structured. The perfect combination of hair-raising stories and loosely entertaining conversations.

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