Online shopping: Shopping with the smartphone
15. August 2023

The business and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers examined current consumer trends along the customer journey for the current “Global Consumer Insights Survey -Pulse 6” and found: Stationary retail remains the most used shopping channel for German consumers. 34% shop in local shops at least weekly. But, and this is remarkable: the smartphone is the most important more

Holiday greetings by postcard or phone?
1. August 2023

According to a Bitkom survey, when homesickness becomes too much on holiday, German summer holidaymakers prefer to reach for their phones to chat with loved ones back home about how great the holiday is, how wonderful the food, how beautiful the sea. Exactly 73 percent use their smartphone or telephone for this purpose and 70 more

Youth and the Internet: 33 hours of school, 64 hours of Internet
18. July 2023

On average, young people between the ages of 16 and 18 have 33 hours of schooling a week, plus, of course, dozens of hours of homework and studying. True to the Latin saying: Non scholae, sed vitae discimus. The little free time that remains is spent more on sports and with friends. But the Internet more

Gigaset Prime Time: Up to 30% discount on selected products in the online store
6. July 2023

A trip to the lake, a picnic in the park or a beach vacation? There’s a lot to do in the summer, and your wallet feels the pinch. To make sure your summer stays carefree, Gigaset’s online store is offering great deals as the temperatures climb outside. During the Gigaset Prime Time 2023 promotion, there’s more

New scam thanks to AI voice cloning via smartphone
4. July 2023

Artificial intelligence is on the rise: Hardly a day goes by without reports in social media about new, supposedly helpful AI tools. Sophisticated AI can now create entire pop songs, take deceptively real photos, and even imitate human voices. The latter is now being exploited by scammers, who are using cloned voices to call people more

An interview with Antonia Stoiber, VP Sales Development & Strategy – Faces of Gigaset
13. March 2023

The enhancer: Antonia Stoiber ’s job as VP Sales Development & Strategy is to make sales at Gigaset fit for the future. Increasing digitization is key in that – from the new CRM tool to global retail trends and the right channel mix. Read here why entrepreneurship has top priority in sales at Gigaset. You more

Dear Father Christmas, I would like a smartphone
20. December 2022

“Dear Father Christmas, I am Emma and am five years old, and I would like a smartphone, because everyone else at nursery school has one, except me. I am also really kind to my little sister, because she is four and also wants one.” Who can resist such a lovely Christmas wish? Parents certainly can’t, more

Learn to save energy with the board game “Do you know the price?
10. November 2022

Board games are experiencing a boom. Particularly in times of crisis, they are a welcome distraction and escape from everyday life, as was evident at the international “Spiel ’22” trade fair.  War in Europe, climate crisis, exploding energy and food prices, the pandemic, social debates about cohesion and diversity. There are enough pressing issues facing more

Deutschland Test: Gigaset is top employer for women
4. October 2022

Women are better educated than ever before, yet a study by the German Economic Institute (IW) showed that the shortage of skilled labor worsened again in 2021. Companies from a wide variety of sectors are therefore looking for highly qualified and motivated female employees, and women can choose carefully in which area they would like more

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