Dear Father Christmas, I would like a smartphone
20. December 2022

“Dear Father Christmas, I am Emma and am five years old, and I would like a smartphone, because everyone else at nursery school has one, except me. I am also really kind to my little sister, because she is four and also wants one.” Who can resist such a lovely Christmas wish? Parents certainly can’t, more

Learn to save energy with the board game “Do you know the price?
10. November 2022

Board games are experiencing a boom. Particularly in times of crisis, they are a welcome distraction and escape from everyday life, as was evident at the international “Spiel ’22” trade fair.  War in Europe, climate crisis, exploding energy and food prices, the pandemic, social debates about cohesion and diversity. There are enough pressing issues facing more

Deutschland Test: Gigaset is top employer for women
4. October 2022

Women are better educated than ever before, yet a study by the German Economic Institute (IW) showed that the shortage of skilled labor worsened again in 2021. Companies from a wide variety of sectors are therefore looking for highly qualified and motivated female employees, and women can choose carefully in which area they would like more

Gigaset recognized once again as a “Digital Champion”
8. September 2022

Customer intimacy in the digital shopping world is what most companies strive for, yet the demands of customers keep on growing. And that is precisely why an ever stronger online presences in the form of websites, social media profiles and also mobile apps has become indispensable for most major companies. The “Digital Champions” study conducted more

Gigaset wins German Influencer Award: GIA.21 Corporate for Social Media Team
7. June 2022

The GIA.21 Corporate, the equivalent of the German Influencer Award, for the first time honored the best social media presences of German-speaking companies. The primary criteria were the company’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Xing. Gigaset’s social media activities were convincing and won the “Best Activity” award. A great success and an important more

A look behind the scenes: How are products developed at Gigaset?
17. May 2022

Just how are new products developed at Gigaset? In the new video series, colleagues from Gigaset shed light on that and take us on a journey through their exciting profession. In the next video in our series Michael Zenz, Head of the Telephony business segment, offers insights into the process for developing products, explains the more

The Gigaset Partner System: Bringing innovative telecommunications to customers together
11. May 2022

Whether it’s the small shop around the corner, a doctor’s office or a gym – Gigaset has the perfect communications solution for every business. Through its community of dedicated partners, Gigaset provides a wide range of businesses with state-of-the-art telephony technology. The reliable value added resellers support customers in creating a complete communications solution and more

Gigaset products can be spotted in two Spanish series
18. April 2022

Series fans with a keen eye may have spotted Gigaset products in series and films before. Some Gigaset cordless phones already made their big appearance in the series “Money Heist” on Netflix in 2020 for example. Now a number of Gigaset products have made it into two more popular Spanish series. The series “Sin Novedad” more

A look behind the scenes: What does a Product Manager do at Gigaset?
13. April 2022

What does a Product Manager actually do? What does their day-to-day work look like and what are the tasks of a product manager at Gigaset? In our new video series, the Gigaset colleagues themselves explain and take us along into their exciting job. In the next video in our series, Marcus Kluth provides insights into more

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