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A look behind the scenes: How are products developed at Gigaset?

17. May 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Just how are new products developed at Gigaset? In the new video series, colleagues from Gigaset shed light on that and take us on a journey through their exciting profession. In the next video in our series Michael Zenz, Head of the Telephony business segment, offers insights into the process for developing products, explains the challenges facing the segment, and reveals what exciting products Gigaset is planning.

In his capacity as Vice President Phones at Gigaset, Michael Zenz plays a key role in the development process for a new product. Following a prior examination of what products go down well with customers, how they can be developed further and what new trends there are in this field, the product idea is entrusted to a Product Manager. He or she conducts market surveys, defines the product and presents it internally to colleagues from all segments. As a result, feedback on the idea is gathered from the other business segments so that the product is well thought-out before being implemented.

Gigaset’s Phones business segment has also had to contend with major challenges in the past years. Michael Zenz explains: “Telephony at home was firmly entrenched 15 years ago. Everyone had a phone and liked using it. As smartphones emerged and became widespread, it was naturally the case that fixed-line telephony and telephony at home dwindled more and more in importance. And that’s a difficulty for us. How can we still make people feel inspired by fixed-line telephony? There are trends such as IP telephony and caller protection where we can again offer people more services, but it’s still challenging.”

Michael Zenz and his team of Product Managers are constantly working to keep fixed-line telephony relevant. For example, the product segments Smart Home and Phones, which are part of one products house at Gigaset, are jointly developing a project that will combine core features from both segments to enable smart home sensors to be controlled from a phone.

You can now watch the full video here or on YouTube.

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