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The best Android apps for the new semester

7. February 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

The new semester starts in April for around 2.8 million students. And so does the stress. But anyone using their smartphone as an aid and not just for phone calls can make studying a lot easier. We present the best free Android apps from the Google Play Store.

Smartphones like the GS280 with its extra-large display and particularly powerful battery are all-rounders – and with the right apps on them, you’re ideally equipped for the new semester.

Study plan

A good study plan app is the basis for a successful semester. Our recommendation allows you to create study plans in a weekly A/B cycle with up to 12 hours a day – with your own class times. Set up simple tasks, homework and exam dates, and display messages on current lessons as a widget and on the home screen. We think the app not only has an appealing and clear design and is easy to handle, but also doesn’t want to access your personal data.


Evernote is the classical organizer app. The complete app helps you organize checklists and notes and save your brightest ideas. Synchronization with a tablet or computer means no information is lost – which is extremely practical. You can write down your ideas in a variety of formats. You can scan printed documents, handwritten texts or sketches very simply using the camera and then comment on them. A great alternative to Evernote is Microsoft OneNote.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is excellent for working together in groups. The app, which is available for the smartphone and PC, lets you and your fellow students work on documents in parallel and track the changes in real time – which is particularly practical the closer the deadline for handing in homework approaches. Apart from a comment function, the app also has a chat function. A wide range of other programs can be added to the PC version – including ones from outside the Microsoft world.


If you study hard, you also need to eat regularly. The ideal way to ensure that is with the canteen app, which contains more than 500 menus from university canteens and cafeterias in over 180 cities. A really great feature: The menu for your canteen can be looked up offline for the whole week after you call it – so you don’t have to worry about what your data connection is like. The smart “Favorites” function also remembers the canteens you call the most.

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Our tips helps you to keep calm so that you can conectrate on studiying.

BRAINYOO file cards

Classes are sometimes canceled, there are lengthy gaps in your university day, or the train trip takes longer yet again. So students often want to make good use of that spare time by learning. That’s precisely where Brainyoo helps. The file card app supports you with smart learning technology, stores what you have learned, and can be used anytime and anywhere thanks to its offline function. What we think is really great is that you can not only create file cards and multiple choice tasks very quickly, but also add your own photos to them. It goes without saying that there’s also a free desktop version for a PC and Mac.

Voice recorder and more

Is your professor yet again talking faster than you can write down what’s being said? Then this app is vital for you: Record your courses and lectures with clear quality, even if you don’t want to sit in the first row. Then listen to the recordings as often as you like. Widgets and shortcuts help you access the app as fast as possible. And if you want to be kind to your fellow students, you can simply send your recordings by e-mail. A neat feature: You can also set your recordings as a ringtone. As so often, the Pro version offers further features, but the free one will be enough for most students.

Flatastic: the roommate app

Flatastic is the ultimate app for every flat-sharing community, since it has an answer to everything that can easily lead to arguments among otherwise peaceful flat mates. In the “Expenses” section, you can keep track of who has just done the shopping and who is owed or owes what. There are also clear statistics on your finances. The cleaning plan reminds you not only when it’s your turn to clean this week in good time, but also contains a simple points system to help you do chores with a great deal of flexibility. The app is rounded out by features such as a shopping list and bulletin board.

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