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Benefits of VoIP telephony

20. November 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

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Flexible, intelligent and cost-effective: That’s how companies imagine their communications solutions. Outdated ISDN phone systems can no longer keep up in this regard and don’t meet needs anymore. Numerous companies have already switched to Voice over IP (VoIP), in other words, telephony via the Internet. Companies that have not yet taken this step should act now at the latest before they miss out on the modern world of telecommunications.

Communicate instead of making a phone call

When making calls via the Internet, voice is split into data packets and transmitted to the person being called via the Internet. VoIP telephony therefore requires a stable Internet connection which is now standard both at most companies and at home. It’s generally known that it’s possible to transmit not just audio data but all data via the Internet. The benefit is that it’s possible to make calls and communicate in writing, exchange data, and hold video conferences via one and the same Internet connection.

Location-independent availability

With a VoIP connection, you’re not tied to a physical phone line as with an ISDN connection. With the right software you can basically call from any Internet connection. That also works via the smartphone. No matter where you are – even abroad – you can use your personal access details to dial into a VoIP phone or via a soft client, and you’re already available on your normal office fixed-network number. That means you protect your mobile number, but can still be reached at all times when needed.

VoIP telephony: Excellent voice quality

Digital telephony provides far better voice quality: HD Voice or – for cordless phones – CAT-iq. Thanks to the new transmission technology, the voices are crystal clear. VoIP telephony providers continuously strive to develop new functions and methods to eradicate disruptions and keep on improving the voice quality.

Configuration made easy

It’s basically possible for anyone to configure IP phones, you don’t need to be a technical genius. It can either be done in advance by the service provider via auto provisioning or by customers themselves after delivery. Connection settings such as call forwarding, answering machine and caller lock are easy to configure via the Internet.

Lower costs

VoIP telephony is significantly less expensive than conventional telephony. In addition, the new generation of phones uses far less electricity, and maintenance costs can be scrubbed from the invoice list thanks to automatic firmware updates. Our products at Gigaset are also of high quality, durable, and resistant to disinfectant.

When it comes to a sensitive issue like voice communication, it’s worth investing in good technology and reliable providers. We at Gigaset enable you to communicate trouble-free and securely. Neither we nor you can condone risks when it comes to security – after all, it’s about your company’s security.

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