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C575 and E390: New multi-generational phone and new convenience expert

2. July 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset’s portfolio of cordless fixed-line phones is to be complemented by two models: The C575 with its large illuminated individual keys on the handset and extra-large numbers on the display enhances convenience in the home. And the E390 with its SOS button and amplifier function to turn the volume up to extra-loud is the phone for the whole family. Both devices come either with or without an answering machine.

Landline calls went through the roof in Germany in March, with the media reporting an increase of almost 40 percent – an effect of the coronavirus crisis and related stay-at-home restrictions. During this time, the phone has taken on a new importance as a means of communication for many people. It is also convenient for making longer calls thanks to the high quality of the fixed-line connection and the constant signal strength anywhere in the home. The DECT pioneer Gigaset is rolling out two new models for anyone who has acquired a taste for the cordless fixed-line phone and is looking for a new one.

For those who love convenience: The Gigaset C575

Gigaset_C575_TrioThe new Gigaset C575 comes in classic black. The large color display with its high contrast is particularly easy to read – also thanks to the numbers being shown in jumbo size. All the phone’s functions are simple to access from the modern user interface. That also includes day/night mode, which ensures that the phone only rings in the evening when calls are received from known numbers, while anonymous calls are muted. The address book of the Gigaset C575 can store up to 200 contacts along with three numbers for each of them – selected numbers can also be defined as VIP contacts with their own ringtone and a birthday reminder. With all its simple personalization options, the device will soon become the favorite means of communication.

A phone for every phase of life: The Gigaset E390

Gigaset_E390_DuoThe white Gigaset E390 is the ideal multi-generational phone. Young families will appreciate the baby phone function – if tiny tots wake up and stir, the device sets up a connection to the parents, who can chat with their little one using the intercom feature to bridge the couple of minutes it takes to reach the nursery from the garden. That means they can also enjoy a relaxed evening barbecuing at the neighbors. And seniors can enjoy the optimized acoustics – the new Gigaset E390 boasts top-class sound quality and volume even in handsfree mode. The device has hearing aid compatibility and two acoustic profiles for an ideal hearing experience the high or low frequency range. Up to four numbers can be stored with the SOS function – a simple touch of the button is enough to make the phone dial the numbers one after the other until someone takes the call.

Both the Gigaset C575 and the E390 come with a handset that is already registered, making them incredibly simple to put into operation: unpack, plug in, make calls. Gigaset’s tried-and-proven ECO DECT technology cuts the power consumption of the devices by 60 percent and reduces their transmitting power to exactly the level required to ensure a stable connection between the handset and base station. The devices are completely radiation-free in standby mode.

The Gigaset C575 and Gigaset E390 go on sale at retailers and in the Gigaset online shop at the RRP of €49.99 from the end of May. The recommended retail price for the Gigaset C575A and the Gigaset E390A with an answering machine is €59.99.



    Does Gigaset still manufacture the C575. I am searching for a C575 duo. NO answering macchine.

    • Raphael Doerr 24.05.2023

      unfortunately not. The C575 is end of life.


  • Richard Page 18.12.2023

    Is the Gigaset 390A compatible with digital lines

    • Raphael Doerr 08.02.2024


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