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CHIP says: The GX290 is “very good”

29. December 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Top marks for outdoor smartphone

Features, camera, display and battery – all “very good” according to the CHIP testers. And that gives the outdoor smartphone GX290 an overall score of 1.3 – and also the added “Price tip” on top due to its fair price. We think that’s great! You can read all about it in the latest print edition of CHIP – buy it! We have summarized the main points from the test.

CHIP GX290_TestThe brightest display in the test

The testers write that the brightness of the display is especially crucial for outdoor use. The display must be easy to read in direct sunlight and, if need be, also with sunglasses. This is where the Gigaset GX290 leaves the competition behind – its display is the brightest with 639 cd/m². There is also praise for the robust Gorilla Glass that protects the display.

The most powerful battery in the test

Despite its bright display, the Gigaset GX290 achieves a battery runtime of around 20 hours in online mode. “It doesn’t get better than this,” is the editorial team’s assessment and gives it a straight 1.0 – none of the other outdoor smartphones can keep up. The competition already gives up after less than 14 hours. And staying power makes a difference in outdoor use. What’s more, the GX290’s battery can also be conveniently charged wirelessly. And, if required, the smartphone can be turned into a power bank and charge flashlights, earphones and other devices with a USB connection via USB on-the-go function.

Robustness: Very good!

The GX290 withstands all weather conditions, no matter how extreme. It is certified according to the industry standard IP68, so it’s dust- and water-proof. The smartphone can be kept under water at a depth of 1.50 meter for up to 30 minutes and remain unscathed. Not even dust, sand, ice or soil can harm the GX290. Thanks to its two-component TPU injection-molded housing, the GX290 withstands the drop test onto a steel plate from a height of 1.20 meters. The smartphone even passes the additional test carried out by CHIP of being dropped from shoulder height onto a hard surface of concrete and stone without any difficulty. The testers’ verdict: Robustness is very good.

The surprise: The Gigaset GX290, rated very good by CHIP, is among the most inexpensive in the test, which means it also receives the “Price tip” seal of approval.

The outdoor smartphone Gigaset GX290 impresses not only in the CHIP test, but also does very well in tests by the outdoor magazine and Computerbase.de.

And it’s not just the experts from CHIP who appreciate the robustness of the GX290. Even Europe’s biggest car wash operator IMO relies on the GX290 due to its outstanding outdoor features. You can read the full story here.~~~

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