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Communication infrastructure: What is really important?

1. October 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Not only since the Corona pandemic has Gigaset been dealing with the question: “Communication infrastructure – what is really important?” Anne Dickau, SVP Product House at Gigaset, has now published her thoughts on this topic in a guest article in the IT and business magazine Chefbüro.

Chefbüro is a trade magazine that addresses entrepreneurs, owners, managing directors and management in industrial and service companies. For almost four decades, it has been offering investment decision-makers competently researched and prepared information on the topics of information and communication technology, organization, office furnishings and office design as well as management and leadership issues. Reports, interviews, practical examples, presentations of products, systems and solutions as well as critical technical articles are used to provide information.

The initial statement of Anne Dickau’s contribution is based on the fact that since the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increased debate about which tools and solutions can most efficiently bridge the new spatial distance we are experiencing. The pandemic has clearly highlighted how different industries are positioned in terms of communication and this has a profound impact on the ideal communication infrastructure.

This gives rise to the question: “What do different industries need to consider when selecting their communications infrastructure in order to provide the best possible support for employees in their everyday lives – and to ensure that concepts such as remote working and home office can function at all?”

To ensure that workplace communication functions effectively, companies should choose a provider that offers the full range of desktop phones, handsets and customizable smartphones. In this way, the individual needs of each company can be best catered for and all important meta-topics, such as device longevity and always-on technical support, can be taken into account.

The complete text, which has been produced as part of the ongoing press work of the Corporate Communications team, can be viewed under this link.

Anne Dickau - SVP Products

Anne Dickau, SVP Product House

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