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When the desktop phone becomes the telecommunications cockpit

27. August 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Making calls is part of everyday life for many employees in Germany – and for some even makes up a large part of the working day. That’s makes it all the more important for voice communication with customers, service providers and colleagues to be able to rely on technology that meets all needs. Although younger people in particular working from home have got used to headsets in the meantime, many are looking forward just as much when they return to the office to not only seeing colleagues again, but also to their familiar setup there – complete with convenient desktop phone.

It’s important to remember that modern desktop phones have hardly anything to do with the models that many associate with the term “office phone”. Instead, they have now become modern communication hubs. A key foundation for this was the switch to Voice over IP (VoIP) and the migration of the conventional phone system to the cloud. Voice today is usually no longer transmitted via the phone cable, but via the Internet, split into data packets. This has numerous advantages for companies, from lower costs, fast setup, high flexibility, and the connection to internal company IT to a high level of security. But without the right device on the desktop, these advantages are soon lost.

Durable phones “Made in Germany”

Anyone in the business sector who wants high-quality, durable phones with extensive functions to fundamentally simplify daily working life, simply can’t beat the Maxwell series from Gigaset. The desktop phones made in Germany are standard in numerous companies in a wide variety of sectors and shine across the board with top audio quality and perfect interoperability with IP- and cloud-based telephony. The development site in Bocholt in Germany’s Münsterland region promises not only top quality in production without planned obsolescence, best engineering and first-rate design. The entire sales and service infrastructure is also right there on site and can provide immediate support should any questions or problems arise – that’s an invaluable advantage for companies that rely on smoothly running communication. The Maxwell desktop phone series offers all that – adapted to suit the respective needs and requirements.

Maxwell desktop phones – the added extra in professional communication

Flagship model Maxwell 4: Touchscreen meets buttons

The Maxwell 4 is the desktop phone for the high-end sector – ideal for frequent callers. The device offers perfect voice quality in HD audio either via the corded handset, a headset or the full-duplex handsfree function for telephone conferences. Use of the phone focuses on speed, flexibility and convenience: Alongside the conventional buttons, this is ensured by the intuitive 4.3″ touchscreen with up to 38 freely programmable display buttons that can be assigned useful functions from the extensive menu structure. Users can interact with the phone quickly, flexibly and conveniently thanks to touch-and-swipe technology.


The Maxwell 4 also makes work easier for administrators: The high-performance phone can be set up quickly via zero touch and auto-provisioning. Up to six SIP accounts can be managed by the device, making it also ideal for hot-desking environments. Network-based contact directories and online address books can also be accessed without any difficulty via LDAP. The Maxwell 4 does of course also boast the highest security standards. Business calls are kept confidential thanks to the customary feature of end-to-end encryption using the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) as well as a pattern unlock feature.

The Gigaset Maxwell Basic

For every situation: Maxwell 3, 2, Basic and C

For anyone who can manage without a touch screen, but doesn’t want to do without a 3.5-inch color display, the Gigaset Maxwell 3 is just the ticket. The compact, powerful desktop phone offers professional functions – both at the office and working from home. Alongside HD audio, the Maxwell 3 has intelligent functions such as “Do Not Disturb” and, on the hardware side, integrated functions for handsfree mode or connecting to other accessories such as Bluetooth receivers or headsets. Individual user profiles are also possible for hot-desking environments.

With both desktop phones, Maxwell 2 and Maxwell Basic, Gigaset is addressing all companies that value all the key functions of a professional communications solution without having to compromise on quality. Intuitive use and an attractive design provide employees with optimum support in their daily working life and, with crystal-clear voice quality and a stable connection, ensure smoothly running communication.

For even more options, the Maxwell 2, 3 and 4 desktop phones can be expanded with an expansion module. That multiplies the functions of what are already high-performance devices: Up to 174 function keys are possible with three modules connected in a row, and can be used to manage speed dial numbers, busy lamp fields, logging on and off, answering machine or even opening doors. That turns the Maxwell phone into the ultimate communication hub – ideal for reception areas of office management.

A special highlight within the Maxwell portfolio is the Gigaset Maxwell C: Equipped with the secure DECT wireless standard, the phone needs no wired connection – ideal for maximum flexibility on the desktop. The devices can be connected via a single or multicell DECT system from Gigaset and hence also fit seamlessly into larger communication infrastructures.

Better communication with the Maxwell series from Gigaset

Whether wired or wireless, the Maxwell desktop phone from Gigaset ensure that companies can get the best out of their telecommunications infrastructure. Extensive, but easy-to-use functions make daily working life easier for employees and enable high productivity through effective communication. And even if a problem does arise, the local Gigaset service team will provide quick and easy support.

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