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Dog in the office: Our four-legged friends boost our health and are also beneficial for companies

24. June 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

The day Germany returns in greater numbers to the office is nearing as the pandemic continues to abate. When the nationwide “emergency brake” ends, the obligation to work from home will officially last until June 30 – and, after some initial skepticism, many employees have discovered a number of advantages of working in their own four walls. However, people are not the only beneficiaries. There’s also our loyal pooches, who were able to relish greater attention from their owner. And having dogs around you not only means greater attention for them, but is also a demonstrable enrichment to our own well-being. That’s reason enough to introduce man’s best friend to your colleagues when it’s time to get back to the office.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day, which was launched by Pet Sitters International, has been celebrated annually on 25 June since 1996. And there are reasons for that. Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but according to studies have a very positive influence on our mental and physical health (see Bundesverband Bürohund e. V. for a list). Working when there’s a dog in the office lowers the risk of depression or even burnout, for example. Stress and mental disorders are reduced, while employees’ social competence is enhanced, automatically resulting in a better work climate, greater satisfaction and more successful communication. The presence of a dog even reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Generally speaking, going walkies with a dog and getting some exercise in the fresh air help improve our health. Being with a dog also increases our levels of oxytocin, a hormone that has very important health benefits. It lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and cholesterol levels, calms us down, and helps us deal better with chronic diseases.

Dogs as a benefit for inside and outside the company

Our four-legged friends not only have a positive effect on employees, but also on the company as an organization. Many young talents expect their employer to practice openness and flexibility, such as by allowing office dogs. Companies with them are seen as more likable by employees and the market. A better work climate enhances employees’ loyalty toward the firm. Companies that allow office dogs attract more attention, for example, through job ads referring to the fact or in their social media activities, with the result that the range of their direct and indirect communication via their touchpoints is boosted. An office dog also helps new teams gel faster. Communication between departments is improved when their members have things in common, while work processes are optimized.

In short: Office dogs are an enrichment for employees and companies alike.

You need smart solutions on days at the office like these

But aside from all these positive effects, and as much as we’d like most of all to have our four-legged friends around us every minute of the day, it’s simply not possible to take a dog to the office in some everyday work situations. Nevertheless, there is a smart way to keep a full eye on our furry companion on such days – with the Gigaset Indoor camera 2.0. The camera, which can be combined with all Gigaset Smart Home products, provides pin-sharp live images from the (dog) owner’s home to their smartphone with full-HD quality and infrared technology via live streaming. The compact device ensures a feeling of security and a good conscience about leaving our beloved four-legged friends at home.

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