Compatibility of Gigaset DECT cordless phones: What you need to know
28. September 2023

In this article you will learn all about the compatibility of Gigaset DECT cordless phones with different base stations and other handsets. We give you tips on how to find the right combination for your needs and what versatile options Gigaset offers. Gigaset DECT cordless phone compatibility Base stations Gigaset DECT Schnurlostelefone sind mit verschiedenen more

25 Essential tips for Android smartphone users
26. September 2023

Smartphones have long been more than just communication devices. With the right knowledge, you can make the most of your Android device, manage it efficiently and even make your daily life easier. This guide offers you 25 selected tips and tricks to give both beginners and advanced users the tools they need. check smartphone condition more

How to protect electronic equipment from thunderstorms: A guide
19. September 2023

Electronics and thunderstorms do not go together. The destructive power of lightning can easily overwhelm the sensitive circuits of our electronics with voltages of up to 100,000 volts. So what do we do when the thunderstorm approaches and our phones and other electronics are in the field of fire? Don’t panic, we have some simple more

Discover your next adventure: A comprehensive guide to the best outdoor apps for your explorations
14. September 2023

The need to explore and enjoy nature has always driven us humans. Today, supported by modern technology, outdoor enthusiasts have access to smart tools that enrich the nature experience. We present a selection of outdoor apps that will help you plan your trips better and make them safer. Apemap – The master of route planning more

7 Essential tips for smartphone care: Protect your device
7. September 2023

In today’s digitalised world, the smartphone plays a central role in our lives. Therefore, smartphone care is essential to maintain the functionality and efficiency of your device. In this post, we give you seven professional tips to not only protect your smartphone externally, but also to keep it safe from potential security threats. ensure physical more

Safe is safe – always up to date with the update
24. August 2023

For many users, a smartphone update also means protection against cyber attacks and is usually carried out immediately. “There is a new update available! – when this message appears on the smartphone display, many users are quick to act. For 44 percent, an update is carried out as soon as it is available. Another 19 more

Online shopping: Shopping with the smartphone
15. August 2023

The business and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers examined current consumer trends along the customer journey for the current “Global Consumer Insights Survey -Pulse 6” and found: Stationary retail remains the most used shopping channel for German consumers. 34% shop in local shops at least weekly. But, and this is remarkable: the smartphone is the most important more

Smartphone in summer: When it gets too hot for the smartphone
8. August 2023

There is still no sun protection for smartphones, nor are there any cooling covers, and unlike black clothing, which is known to offer better sun protection than white, the colour or cover of the smartphone does not matter, whether white, black, red or purple, they all get equally hot in extreme heat. Especially in summer, more

The smartphone and the toilet – inseparable for many, but watch out!
20. July 2023

When nature calls, most of us no longer go to the toilet alone. The smartphone is always with us. The internet service provider NordVPN has asked people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries what they use their mobile phones for when they go to the toilet and who is most likely to drop their more

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