Trust in difficult times
28. March 2023
Repair to help the environment with Gigaset
23. March 2023

Customers would gladly have their electrical devices repaired if it weren’t for the high costs involved, which unfortunately bear no reasonable relation to the purchase price. Defective electrical devices are only repaired in an average of 24 percent of all cases. They end up in the trash 76 percent of the time. That is one more

Treasure trove of raw materials hoarded: 210 million old mobile phones in German drawers
26. January 2023

It might not be as dramatic as searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant, like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the movie. Nor is the search for the treasure quite as demanding and dangerous as the search for the Ark, but it’s still worth it. After all, Germans apparently have a huge treasure more

Let it snow: Hit the slopes with smartphones and apps
22. December 2022

One thing up front: Normal smartphones don’t like a harsh and cold winter and freezing sub-zero temperatures, since that runs them down and quickly exhausts them, meaning they have no power and – if things go badly awry – they suffer a blackout. And most smartphones don’t particularly appreciate being abducted to ski huts in more

For everyone who already has everything: smart last-minute gifts
8. December 2022

“We don’t need anything, we already have everything” – a well-used sentence at Christmas. But if there is something under the Christmas tree, it still brings a lot of pleasure, especially if it’s a gift that wasn’t expected. We present three technology gifts that make life a little bit more pleasant. Someone’s always at home more

Take a look behind the scenes: What does a Product Manager Professional do at Gigaset?
28. April 2022

What does a Product Manager actually do? What does their day-to-day work look like and what are the tasks of a product manager at Gigaset? In a new video series, the Gigaset colleagues themselves explain this and provide us with an insight into their exciting job. In the first video in our series, Michael Anft more

Home alone: These apps and gadgets help pets when they are alone
25. April 2022

When the cat is out of the house, the mice dance on the tables. But what do cats, dogs and co. actually do when they are home alone? The behaviour of our beloved furry friends in this case is very different: some sleep away the time and are actually quite content. Others tear the place more

The Internet and the Metaverse | Part 2
16. March 2022

Since autumn 2021, everyone has been talking about the metaverse. What exactly is it all about? That’s what we want to explore in this blog post. Why bother with it now? Because the “metaverse promises an amazingly realistic 3D digital world where you can buy and sell goods and services, make and enforce contracts, recruit more

What you’ve always wanted to know about the Metaverse but were afraid to ask until now
24. February 2022

In 1999, Boris Becker asked the German television community “Am I in there already or what?” At the time, Becker was advertising for AOL and the Internet Starter Package. And getting on the Internet with it was absolutely easy, so easy that Becker didn’t even notice. Today, anyone who wants to get into the Metaverse, more

Jörg Brühl joins expert panel discussion for The Times online
2. February 2022

Heightened consumer expectations, the digitalisation of many organisations, the commoditisation of telecommunication products, as well as the global pandemic, have all had a profound effect on customer experience and the importance of it. Right now, in business-to business telecommunications, customer experience has become the single biggest factor driving customer loyalty, and therefore revenue growth for more