Two smartphones? No, the trend is toward dual SIM

18. June 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

In its latest “Smartphone Test 2020”, the extensive mobile phone comparison from May 15 of this year, the German Stiftung Warentest consumer organization writes that smartphones with dual SIM are currently the hot trend. The reason is obvious: two cards but just one phone.

The reason is obvious: two cards but just one phone.

Dual SIM allows two rates from different mobile providers to be used at the same time. That’s practical for trips abroad, since the second slot can be used for a SIM card from the respective country, which is always the less expensive option for domestic calls. Making calls, surfing the web and sending SMS or text messages is always cheaper in the respective country. And there’s no more need to keep switching phones or SIM cards. Many users also want to “use a low-cost contract for particularly fast surfing, while at the same time using a practical all-net flat rate with another SIM card – or combine the data volume from two contracts,” as the Welt newspaper writes.

Two numbers, one phone

The second slot offers other advantages as well, such as the practical separation between business and private. The user can make calls on a private and a business line from the same phone. For people in particular who are often on the go, it’s sometimes important to manage two numbers at the same time. The Gigaset GS290 is a good option with its dual SIM function. Alternatively, you can also use the second dual SIM slot for an additional memory card. Nano SIM cards with up to 256 GB are available for under 40 euros and provide the user with enough memory to save even more photos, music or videos.

Having a dual-SIM phone also makes you far more flexible in everyday life, which is why more and more manufactures are discovering the benefits and offering appropriate solutions.

More features for more enjoyment

GS290_CHIP_TestFor its price, the Gigaset GS290 offers a host of other innovative and interesting features, such as a larger surface area and V-notch display for an optimum viewing experience. The large 6,3″ FHD+ V-notch display offers an excellent diagonal screen measurement of 16 cm. The user really has a front-row seat and can watch movies or TV series in Full HD quality thanks to a high resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and an almost unrestricted display. Take your time to look at the latest GS290 smartphone and read the accompanying test reports. The trade magazine CHIP has given the phone the rating of “good” and reinforced us in our conviction that our smartphones “Made in Germany” are among the best.

Gigaset is the only company worldwide to produce smartphones in Germany. Now that’s a statement. And it’s only logical, since we’ve been producing modern telecommunications solutions at our production site in Bocholt in the meantime for the last seven decades.

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