Gigaset Professional smartphones on the slopes: Dutch ski school and brasserie relies on Gigaset

10. August 2023 Published by Raphael Doerr

The Nieuwegein ski slope is located about 30 minutes from Utrecht and is home to the “Bij de Piste” brasserie, a ski school, a training facility and a ski clothing shop. Guests returning from ski or snowboard lessons can order delicious snacks and drinks such as a cup of coffee and apple pie or enjoy lunch in the recently renovated brasserie. The brasserie is also suitable as a stopover for hikers or a bike tour and offers a beautiful view of Lake Nedereindse.

In the brasserie on the ski slope, four GX290 PRO devices from Gigaset Professional had already been in use since 2022. The devices were mainly used to reliably take orders in “Bij de Piste” and transmit them efficiently to the kitchen. After two years, it was time to equip the brasserie with new devices that have better cameras and the latest NFC technology. Therefore, two new Gigaset GX4 PRO and GX6 PRO models each were added to the equipment. After an update in the payment programme used by the brasserie and the shops, it also became possible for “Bij de Piste” to receive payments directly via the smartphones using NFC. This means that only Gigaset smartphones are needed to accept orders and process payments. This made it possible to create an all-in-one solution for the business.

Why Professional Smartphones from Gigaset?

The Gigaset Professional smartphones are durable and robust: “With the robust features and strong battery, the devices are in use for a long time and do not need to be replaced often. For example, the screen of the previous solution broke several times, which caused additional costs for us each time. Also the 5 years of security and Android updates played a big role for us in choosing Gigaset,” says Roy van Toorn, General Manager at “Bij de Piste”.

Furthermore, the Gigaset Professional smartphones score additional points with the “Made in Germany” logo, their expanded RAM, Android Enterprise, integrated eSIM functionality (GX6 PRO) and a triple card slot for two SIM cards and a memory card.

The use of the GX4 and GX6 PRO devices ensures efficiency in taking orders and receiving payments, both in the restaurant and in the shop and ski boot rental. Roy van Toorn also opted for Gigaset’s customisation offer and had the logo of “Bij de Piste” engraved on the back of the GX6 PRO smartphones. In future, not only will the logo be engraved on the back of the devices, but also which devices are intended for the brasserie and which will be used in the shop, for example.

Read more about the use of the GX6 PRO smartphones on the Nieuwegein slope here:

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