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Ergonomics: a phone like an office chair

22. October 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Sit up straight, set the desk to the right height, have the monitor at a specific angle – ergonomics has played an important role at the workplace for a long time. There’s even the ergonomic mouse that’s intended to prevent wrist tension, what’s termed the “mouse hand.” If something’s ergonomic, it’s better for you – isn’t it?

Yet apart from the health aspects, ergonomics is an issue that concerns people in other ways. Things should feel good, just right, the way we expect. The kitchen worktop, the fabric on the couch, the car key with its three buttons. Touching and using them should always be enjoyable, even when they’re not new. We at Gigaset know that. And that’s why we’ve been committed to making ergonomic products for decades. That’s definitely one of the reasons why our fixed-line phones are so popular and we’re the undisputed marker leader in the DECT cordless phone arena.

Caressing the Hands

Our phones feel good in your hand. Every day. And we always listen to what customers say so that we can develop phones that meet their precise demands. 20 years ago, we did that with the extra-small C2000C pocket – and are doing so to this day with models like the particularly rugged and splash-proof E630HX or our large-button phones for the elderly.

As a study by Gigaset shows, it’s mainly the elderly who benefit from ergonomic phones. 84 percent of the 65+ generation also want an integrated emergency call function, such as that in the Gigaset E560A PLUS, our flagship model for senior citizens from the Gigaset life series: Being on the safe side and able to reach relatives or the doctor at any time with the SOS function comes in top spot.

Friendly to the eyes and ears

In addition, color or maximum-contrast displays, optionally with extra-large font and a clear presentation, ensure greater convenience and a better overview. 40 percent of those surveyed, in particular people with poor eyesight, attach great importance to that.

Further ergonomic advantages follow in third to fifth spots: A generous keypad provides a lot of space for the extra-large buttons. They are illuminated in many models, are non-slip and have a good pressure point. Our phones also have a practical navigation bar, enabling all the important menu items to be seen at all times.
Ease of use is an especially important feature of our devices. The adjustable volume means you don’t miss a call – and the “extra-loud” key allows you to double the volume quickly and easily.

Reaching for the phone should be a pleasure. And even worse than the “mouse hand” would be a “telephone hand” – and we want to avoid that at all costs.

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