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FOCUS honors Gigaset as a company with particularly high customer trust

7. February 2023 Published by Raphael Doerr

Whether in marriage, among friends, as part of a rope team climbing mountains or in business – trust is the basis of partnerships. Who would buy a product if they do not trust the seller or the company? For many companies, it is hard to win and easy to lose the trust of customers. The greatest challenge, however, is to keep on vindicating the trust they have won and to make sure customers stay loyal to them. That is why Focus conducted a new study to determine which companies enjoy a particularly high level of customer trust. Gigaset was awarded second place in the “Electrical Industry Companies” category in this study.

The Institute for Management & Economy Research (IMWF) examined the issue in 2022 for the sixth time in a row on behalf of Deutschland Test and Focus-Money. As part of the study, a total of 17,000 companies and brands from just over 150 industries were rated by participants in the categories of reputability, recommendability, trust and quality.

The methodology

All texts containing predefined search terms were extracted from the Internet to enable data to be collected. The data was then divided into text fragments: Which company is mentioned? What subject is discussed? What is the text fragment’s tonality? The mentions were subsequently assigned to the categories “positive”, “neutral” or “negative”. 4.5 million mentions were recorded for the study from September 2021 to August 2022.

After the mentions were evaluated, the scores for each company were calculated. Two values were determined for each company: first, the difference between positive and negative mentions divided by the total number of mentions. And second, the total number of mentions relative to the average for the industry. This score was then standardized for the whole industry. The best company from the industry received 100 points and so was the benchmark for all the other companies. The accolade “Highest Trust” was awarded on the basis of the score achieved in the overall ranking. All companies that achieved at least 70 points in the overall ranking were also honored.

Gigaset achieved a very good result in this study with an overall score of 93.7 out of 100 points, putting it in second place in the “Electrical Industry Companies” category. This result is particularly gratifying because Gigaset attaches great value to long-standing customer relationships and appreciates the high level of trust that Gigaset customers continue to place in the company.

You can find all information on the “Highest Trust” study here.

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