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The best photo apps for the smartphone

2. October 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

The last part of our series is devoted to editing. We present six useful apps with which you can optimize and then publish your pictures on your smartphone.


Instasize is the image and video editing toolkit for creatives. Easily edit photos and videos with premium photo filters, picture borders, collage functions, retouching tools, format photo resizers and much more. Instasize Premium (chargeable) allows access to a photo filter library with over 130 filters. From a retro vintage aesthetic to a natural look, you get all the filters for photos you need to create them. Plus, you get precise editing tools like lighten, tan, acne removers, and more to enhance your images.


Snapseed comes free of charge and shows how easy it is to use even more complex photo apps on a small smartphone: The app is divided into thematic areas such as “Vintage”, “HDR Scape” and “Drama,” each of which offers functions such as “Filter Strength,” “Brightness,” “Saturation” and “Focus.” Snapseed thus permits very precise optimization of photos – and thanks to its innovative means of operation, it can even be used with just one finger: Swipe your finger up and down to choose the feature you want or to the right and left to choose the strength of the selected function.

Photoshop Fix

The free app benefits from Adobe’s many years of experience and offers you the main features you need to edit photos directly on a smartphone. The Photoshop Fix software allows you, for instance, to cut out your photos, change their orientation, adjust the color saturation and lighting, and apply various effects. Photoshop Express also comes with functions for converting photos to black and white and a drawing filter.

PicsArt Studio

Apart from various effects for your pictures, the free PicsArt studio app has numerous other tools that let you edit your photos directly on your smartphone. The tool offers masses of cross-photo color effects. Drawing, comic and sepia look are just a few examples of the stylistic effects. The app stands out from the competition with its snazzy sketch and drawing functions, which can also be used on a blank piece of paper.


The makers of Pixlr-O-Matic now offer Pixlr, and its name says it all: This app is made for editing photos appealingly in a short space of time and then sharing them in social networks if you wish. You definitely don’t have to be a professional to achieve good results quickly with the photo editing app. There are many effects; cosmetic features (red-eye removal, lightening and smoothing) are available and social interaction is also ensured. Buttons can be created to enable quick availability of frequently used settings. A separate collage mode helps you assemble several photos into one.


Unfold is the ultimate app for anyone who likes publishing stories, for example, on Instagram. It offers you various templates for that – some of them free – in which you can easily insert your photos and videos, as well as fonts. You can then share your shots directly on Instagram or store them for the time being on your smartphone.

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