Gigaset and Tele2: Social responsibility “Made in Germany”

6. June 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Sustainability and social responsibility are firm pillars in the corporate DNA of Gigaset and Tele2. Their new partnership also underscores that. We are campaigning together for more mindfulness – true to the motto “Good for the environment and good for society.”

Together for social responsibility

Tele2 is a powerful cooperation partner who will work with us so that we can better channel our engagement for sustainability. We are delighted to be supporting Tele2 in its commitment for society, children, animals in need and our environment. That is the mission Tele2 has pursued for around a year with its mobile phone donation tariff, which raised €125,000 for the four partner organizations of Tele2 in 2021.

Phoning and surfing for a good cause

Together we show how easy it is to integrate doing good in everyday life. A very special mobile bundle was launched on March 17: We combine our Gigaset GS5, a smartphone produced sustainably in Germany, with Tele2’s mobile phone donation tariff. The smartphone comes at the non-recurring price of €1 in conjunction with the mobile phone donation tariff – either Tele2 LTE Allnet-Flat L or XL. If customers take their existing number along with them to Tele2, they are granted a bonus of €75 for switching to it.

Sustainability and social commitment “Made in Germany”

The new Gigaset GS5 is not only a sustainable smartphone with a long service life, but is also distinguished by the fact that it is “Made in Germany.” We are committed to fairness and sustainability in producing our smartphones at our site in Bocholt, Germany. Our GS5 has a huge internal memory, a power-saving processor and a powerful replaceable battery. It also has a crisp, bright display and permits wireless charging. And the packaging is also impressive: We comply with the latest environmental standards (FSC certification) for it and dispense completely with plastic inside, apart from for protecting the display.

Pictures say more than a 1,000 words

Three videos have been created in connection with the partnership. In the first, Johannes from Tele2 interviews Jörg Wissing, Senior Product & Business Development Manager at Gigaset. It describes what is involved in producing a sustainable smartphone “Made in Germany” and what shouldering responsibility entails.

In the second, Jörg Wissing fulfills his promise from the first video and has invited Johannes to the factory in Bocholt so that he can inspect how the smartphone is produced.

In the third and final video, Johannes himself tries out the smartphone in an unboxing of the Gigaset GS5. He describes his impression here in the video.

We’re inspired! You too? If you’re interested, you can order the Gigaset GS5 together with the suitable Tele2 LTE Allnet-Flat tariff here.

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