Gigaset customisations are very popular

10. May 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset smartphones have been manufactured at the Gigaset plant in Bocholt since 2018. The modern Industry 4.0 production process not only offers logistical advantages, safeguards jobs in Germany and improves sustainability. It also allows Gigaset to produce with greater flexibility for individual customers. Smartphones can be easily produced and customisations can be made in smaller batches for partners and customers.

The customisation offer for Gigaset smartphones has already been used by various customers. From IMO car washes to the Heuneberstein model flying group. Gigaset’s logo engraving collaborations are exciting and versatile.

One of the companies that have taken up the Gigaset engraving offer is IMO Car Washes. With around 900 car washes, the IMO Car Wash Group is the largest car wash company in the world. As the car wash facilities are often subject to extreme conditions (wetness and temperature fluctuations), the company decided to use Gigaset GX290 smartphones to scan the QR codes of the IMO customer cards at all of its locations. The company not only made use of the rugged outdoor smartphone, but also decided to use the customisation option for Gigaset smartphones.

The IMO logo was engraved on each smartphone for marketing reasons and each device was also marked with an IMEI number via the engraving. This serves as easy identification for device management and protects against theft.

The model airplane group of Heuneberstein near Baden-Baden has also made use of the customisation offer at Gigaset. After all, it’s not only the model planes that crash on the airfield. The occasional smartphone also crash lands on the airfield from time to time. The group therefore also chose the Gigaset GX290 and had their logo engraved on the smartphone. This way smartphone damage on the airfield can be minimised and club members can be quickly recognised.

While IMO car washes and the Heuneberstein model flying group opted for an engraving of the Gigaset GX290, the Düsseldorf Carnival Prinzengarde in turn had the stylish Gigaset GS290 smartphone engraved. The logo of the “Leibgarde des Prinzen Karnevall e.V.” fits perfectly on the back of the GS290. This means that the members of the Düsseldorf Prinzengarde are now instantly recognisable.

So whether it’s for group identity or device management, the customised engraving option on Gigaset smartphones gives any business or club the opportunity to proudly display their logo and stand out from the crowd.

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