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Gigaset E720HX is the connect test winner

10. February 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

The Gigaset E720HX from the latest series of high-end devices in the Gigaset landline portfolio was recently put to the test by the tech magazine connect. In the test against similar devices from other landline phone manufacturers, the E720HX was able to impress and was crowned test winner with the connect rating “very good”.

Although making phone calls and also landline telephones are considered old-fashioned among younger users nowadays, older users still appreciate calls on a landline telephone. A stable connection even with thicker walls and the low-radiation Eco DECT mode are just two of many arguments in favour of the landline phone. That is why the fixed-line telephone market is increasingly focusing on older users and striving to meet their special demands.

The Gigaset E720HX scored particularly well in the connect test with precisely those features that fulfil these special requirements. The phone, which can be connected to VoIP routers from the most popular manufacturers, offers very clear menu navigation, SMS support and a Bluetooth connection to headsets or the home PC.

The tech magazine was also particularly impressed with the advanced features for users with special needs. The phone’s software supports Bluetooth connections to Phonak, Unitron and Hansaton hearing aids and has an “ExtraLoud” button on the side. This even doubles the volume of the speaker if necessary.

In the connect test, the E720HX also impressed the judges with its high audio quality and extensive audio features. Thanks to the good sound, callers can be easily understood even in the hands-free mode. The clever software automatically adjusts the ringtone and handset volume to the surroundings and the noise cancellation feature filters the background noise.

The E720HX also beat its competitors in the test with its talking keys and the direct dialing key with an emergency call function. If desired, the E720HX can read out each digit entered when dialing a number. If a number is stored in the phone book, the phone announces the name when an incoming call is received as well as when scrolling through the phone book. A visual signal is also possible: the display then lights up bright green when a stored contact is calling.

The E720HX can store a generous 200 entries in its phonebook, each with up to three numbers and a birthday – a feature that clearly sets the Gigaset E720HX apart from the other manufacturers. The practical applications such as the calendar with an appointment reminder function, the timer, the alarm clock and the useful direct dial keys also contributed to the phone’s final victory with a total of 430 points in the connect test.

“We are very satisfied with this test result. It confirms that our device offers users clear advantages and meets all the demands of the “Best Ager” target group. If it then also outperforms the competition, we know we are on the right track,” says Marcus Kluth, Product Manager at Gigaset.

In July 2020, Gigaset introduced its new E720 landline phone series – a high-end landline phone for people with special needs. The device is characterized by its ease of use, uncomplicated menus, talking dial keys and built-in protection against unwanted calls, among other features. Whether in everyday life or in emergency situations – the DECT telephone supports the entire family in every situation.

You can find the complete connect test report here.


  • Taddy 13.01.2022

    This phone missed the option to connect the headset connection of 3.5 mm. Old people can’t use the professional Gigaset phones with small buttons. Please add this option for Gigaset E class phones, at least for the new version of Gigaset E720.

    • Jana Greyling 19.01.2022


      thank you for your comment and feedback. We will note the points mentioned and pass them on to the responsible department.

      Kind regards

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