The new Gigaset GS110: Fresh colors, big display, low price

4. June 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Smartphones from Gigaset embody top-class value for money. The company now presents the GS110 in the class up to €120 – with a large, bright display, a removable battery, a triple card slot and the latest Android 9 Pie operating system (Go Edition). The display extends right to the upper rim of the smartphone, while the front camera is located in a notch. That permits a 6.1-inch diagonal without any increase in the device’s overall size.

Whether for someone with their first smartphone, users who keep on losing their mobile phone or trend-setters who like change – the entry-level smartphones from Gigaset deliver a lot of power at an attractive price and also look good. For example, replaceable shells in the uncommon, stylish colors British racing green, azure blue and titanium gray are available for the new GS110. The battery can also be removed and replaced easily if needs be.

“Smartphones with solid features and a modern design don’t have to cost a lot of money,” says Raphael Dörr, SVP Corporate Communications at Gigaset. “Our GS110 is pitched at a cost-conscious target group that attaches importance to fresh colors, practical features and above all a large display.”




Gigaset has designed the high-definition display to extend to the top rim of the housing, meaning it boasts an impressive diagonal of 6.1 inches or around 15.5 centimeters. The V notch accommodates the proximity and brightness sensor in addition to the front camera, while the space to the left and right is used to display message icons, the battery charge level, the signal strength or the time. That still leaves maximum space on the display for all the things that matter: souvenir photos, videos, messages and chats. The high-speed octa-core processor in conjunction with Android 9 (Go Edition) ensures that all standard applications run smoothly.

The Gigaset GS110 is one of the first smartphones in the entry-level price class to offer facial recognition as a quick and easy means of unlocking the device: The front camera can identify the user if desired and then enables access to the display. The GS110 has a triple card slot that can simultaneously hold two nano SIMs as well as a microSD memory card. The GS110 is charged via the practical USB-C interface – the new standard has a plug that can be inserted in both directions. That means users finally no longer have to search for the right position. The USB-C interface can also be used as a particularly quick way to save content, such as videos or photos, from the smartphone to the computer.

The GS110 goes on sale at stores and online retailers and in the Gigaset online shop at the RRP of €119.00 as of the beginning of July 2019.

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