Master the cold season with the Gigaset heating campaign

5. November 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

The first autumn storm has already passed, but the cold season is far from over. Unfortunately, there is not much to do except retreat into the warm house and spend cosy evenings on the couch. Particularly in demand this winter are smart heating controls that help users to smartly regulate the indoor temperature at home, are environmentally friendly and save money. Gigaset is now supporting all customers who want to equip their home with a smart heating control with its heating campaign, from 05.11. to 14.11.2021. During the heating campaign, customers can buy three Gigaset thermostats for only €79 or a Gigaset Heating Pack for €59 in the online shop.

Especially during the cold season, it is very pleasant to come home to a warm house after a long day at work or a cool walk. With the help of the smart thermostats of the Gigaset Heating Pack, the indoor climate at home can be comfortably and spontaneously checked on the way home via the Gigaset Smart Home app and adjusted if necessary. This means that the heating is not in operation when no one is at home, and it is only heated when it is really necessary. This is easy on the wallet and ensures more efficient energy use. After just one winter, heating costs are noticeably reduced and it is possible to save up to 20%.

As important as smart heating is, so is regular ventilation in winter, because cooking, heating or the mere presence of people pollutes and dampens the indoor air, which promotes mould growth. Regular airing is therefore essential, but it can happen that the open window in the bedroom is forgotten while preparations for dinner are already underway in the kitchen – not ideal for the environment and the wallet.

If windows are open while the heating is turned up, the smart thermostat, in cooperation with other Gigaset Smart Home sensors, automatically regulates the heating down. When the window or door is closed again, the Gigaset thermostat checks the room temperature and restores the previously set room temperature. This method prevents the heating from being permanently in operation and the heat from escaping directly back through the window. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and also has a cost-saving effect on the electricity bill.

The Gigaset Smart Home Heating Campaign 2021 starts on Friday, 5 November and runs until 14 November 2021. The campaign is aimed at new and existing Gigaset customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Once the desired promotional products have been selected and are in the shopping basket, the voucher codes “Pack-21” and “Thermostat-21” can simply be entered under “Discount codes”. Once the voucher code has been entered, the discount for the products in the shopping basket is automatically included in the payment process. The payment process can then be completed as usual and your home will always be properly heated from now on.



* Use the voucher codes “Pack-21” or “Thermostat-21” in the Gigaset Shop (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/) in the shopping cart under “Discount codes”. The discount of €40.99 for the product Gigaset Heating Pack (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/gigaset-heating-pack) and the discount of €60.99 for the product Gigaset Thermostat 3 Pack (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/gigaset-thermostat-3er-pack/) will be deducted directly. Subsequent offsetting and/or cash payment is excluded. The voucher cannot be combined with other discounts. The voucher code is valid from 05.11.21 up to and including 14.11.2021 and is only valid while stocks last.

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