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Gigaset is recognised as a highly customer-recommended company by BILD

5. April 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

A lot has changed in the last two years. Among other things, the buying behaviour of consumers has changed. This was suddenly and for many months almost exclusively shifted to online retail. However, it remains difficult for many consumers to assess the quality of products or services, especially if they have not yet had any experience with the company or manufacturer themselves. Many rely on the experiences of others. Thus, consumers inform themselves about products or services in their personal environment before making a purchase. And not infrequently they receive a recommendation before they are explicitly interested in a product or service. Praise or good reviews from acquaintances or friends are often more trusted than an advertising campaign. For this reason, the analysis institute ServiceValue, in cooperation with the daily newspaper BILD, has investigated for the second time in a row which companies are often recommended by consumers. In this study, Gigaset was awarded the rating “highly recommended” in the category “security”.

The results of the “Customer Recommendation” study by ServiceValue and BILD were recently announced. Within the scope of this study on consumers’ recommendation behaviour, more than 600,000 consumer assessments of a total of 2,214 manufacturers, retailers and service providers from 181 industries were taken into consideration. The survey took place in December 2021 and was carried out via a self-initiated survey conducted independently of the rated companies via an online access panel. Respondents were asked to indicate whether they would recommend a company to their friends and family using a five-point response scale.

Participants could choose between the answers (1) I recommend without being asked, (2) I recommend on request, (3) I do not recommend but do not advise against, (4) I advise against on request and (5) I advise against without being asked.

After evaluation of the results, Gigaset achieved a recommendation rate of 36.46 and received the “High Recommendation” award. This puts Gigaset among the top five companies recommended by customers in the “Security” industry ranking and significantly above the industry average of 27.54.

“Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for us at Gigaset. When customers are satisfied, they also recommend our products and services to their friends and families and that is more valuable than any advertising. Because there is already trust among them that companies struggle to replicate. That’s why we are very pleased to receive this award in the category “security”, especially because we are not primarily active and well-known in this area,” says Andreas Merker, SVP Quality & Service Assurance at Gigaset.

You can find the complete ranking of the “Security” category in the BILD study “Germany’s Customer Recommendation” here.

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