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Gigaset among the top 10 smartphone manufacturers of the year

12. May 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

This year, Telecom Handel readers were once again able to decide which smartphone manufacturer would be crowned with the title of best mobile phone manufacturer of the year. For the second time in a row, Gigaset made it into the top ten smartphone manufacturers in Germany.

A definitely challenging year lies behind Germany’s best smartphone manufacturers. But challenges are also there to be overcome! Despite the many movements in the market, Samsung, the top smartphone manufacturer crowned last year, could not be dethroned. The two newcomers of the year Oppo and OnePlus also did well right away. However, the front-runners Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi remain by far the big favourites. Gigaset also impressed in the overall ranking and secured a place among the ten best manufacturers in Germany for the second time in a row.

In the new Telecom Handel Readers’ Choice, more than 500 participants evaluated the performance of 21 smartphone manufacturers in 17 individual categories. A premiere – because never before have so many manufacturers been up for evaluation in the Telecom Handel Readers’ Choice.

All manufacturers were assessed in the categories “fault-proneness”, “price-performance ratio”, “ease of use”, “repair handling”, “equipment”, “training”, “warranty services”, “Internet presence”, “design”, “innovation, “stable and predictable pricing policy”, “demonstration units”, “image”, “product range”, “margins”, “marketing support” and “range of accessories”.

The market leader Samsung won eleven of the 17 categories, but Gigaset was able to beat the very strong competition in the category “stable and predictable pricing policy”. Gigaset now proudly occupies second place in this category. This result is particularly impressive as the Bocholt-based company has only been part of the demanding smartphone market since 2016. This speaks for the high quality of Gigaset devices, which have set themselves apart from the competition since 2018 with the unique selling point “Made in Germany“.

“We are very pleased that Gigaset has made it into the top ten smartphone manufacturers for the second year in a row. This shows that we are doing exceptionally well against strong competition with our sustainable and flexible production in Germany and are increasingly perceived as a traditional German brand in the smartphone segment as well. Quality and a stable pricing policy are close to our hearts and the result of the readers’ choice shows that we are on the right track!” says Andreas Merker, VP Product House Mobile at Gigaset.

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  • Joseph 21.07.2021

    Xiaomi will led that ranking in the future!!

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