HFO Telecom Roadshow: off to the business beer garden

3. April 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

The annual HFO Telecom Roadshow has become a familiar event. This year it’s entitled “We. Where you are. – Business Beer Garden Tour 2019.” That’s because its individual ports of call this year are beer gardens. And HFO Telecom isn’t alone, but flanked by six prestigious partners from the telecommunications industry – foremost among them Gigaset. One change this time is that Nuremberg has been added as a seventh venue in addition to the six from the previous years. In addition, Frankfurt and Cologne have been replaced by Mainz and Wuppertal. The tour starts in the south (May 6 through 9) and ends in the north (May 21 through 23). The roadshow’s topics are all-IP, the digital workplace and UCC.

Four stops are familiar from past years and are back on this year’s itinerary: Stuttgart (May 7) and Munich (May 8) in the south and Hamburg (May 22) and Berlin (May 23) on the northern leg. One new change is that the roadshow will call at Mainz (May 6) instead of Frankfurt and Wuppertal (May 21) instead of Cologne. Nuremberg has been added as a seventh location on May 9. The venues are reflected in the roadshow’s slogan: The six exhibitors will present themselves and each hold a 20-minute talk without PointPoint slides in beer gardens that have been specially reserved for HFO Telecom. HFO as the host will also present a talk. When the official part from 3 to 6 p.m. ends, participants stay together and chat over a bite to eat and after-work beer and soak up the atmosphere of the beer garden. Contingencies for bad weather have been made: The event will move in good time to the hotel or restaurant to which the beer garden belongs.

HFO Telecom aims to live up to its company motto with the roadshow: “We. Where you are.” Namely to be near to its partners, throughout Germany. The intention is for the exclusive co-exhibitors to benefit from that direct contact. Moreover, HFO hopes the six exhibitors will bring along lots of their partners. That’s an excellent opportunity for multiplying contacts among all of them. There are many reasons to attend: The roadshow offers all participants chance to gage the industry and the mood in it, an ideal opportunity to present their own ideas and products, and an outstanding platform where they can network and forge new and interesting cooperation deals – and nurture contacts with business partners, system houses and industry representatives. The roadshow’s partner media – Funkschau and Telecom Handel – will report on it.

“I’m especially pleased about two things: the fact that it’s outdoors and the personal contact we’ll have with our partners. It’s vital to know what’s going on in the market. I feel sure we’ll all benefit from this joint presence,” says HFO Telecom’s Managing Director Andreas Hampel. Industry experts, retailers and system houses can register to attend the roadshow. “Everyone’s invited. We look forward to as many people being there as possible,” says Jörg Jahn, HFO’s Head of Marketing, adding: “Anyone interested can find all the information they need at www.hfo-telecom.de/roadshow. You can also find the registration form there.”

“We’re delighted to be part of the HFO Roadshow,” says Norbert Cremer, Head of Product Management Professional at Gigaset. “We’ve a lot to tell our customers and partners – and being able to do that in such an exclusive environment is something special.”

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