A good tool for the home office

24. October 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Opinions are still divided about the home office. Some companies are convinced that working from home increases productivity and employee satisfaction. Others fear that employees laze about at home if they’re not supervised adequately.

One thing is for sure: Working from a home office demands discipline. It’s vital to have your own work area. Ideally, the living area and workplace are separate. A separate study would be ideal, but a well-equipped corner in the living room or bedroom is also enough. Fixed working times and binding agreements on when employees can be reached at the home office are also important for colleagues based at the company when planning calls or meetings in which homeworkers are to take part.

E-mailing is silver, speaking is golden

Aah, the telephone. Yet again, it’s the interface everything revolves around. A good connection is crucial: If all you can hear from the loudspeaker is a colleague croaking away in shaky mobile phone quality, that just gets on your nerves. Yet many home office workers only have a mobile phone to communicate with the office.
But there are far better solutions: such as the Gigaset T480HX, the perfect fixed-line phone for working from home. The IP device offers all the advantages of a desktop phone, but without the annoying cables and with a voice quality as if you were in the same room as your colleagues.

When connected cordlessly to a DECT-capable router, the T480HX plays its biggest trump card: its unbeatable HD voice quality with a far larger bandwidth than a normal phone. Employees at their home office can be contacted at any time and always understood crystal clear by their team over the absolutely stable fixed network. They can reach colleagues simply by pressing one of the eight programmable speed dial keys. And because a headset can be connected, either by Bluetooth or a professional RJ9 jack, their hands are free when they phone.

The address book of the T480HX uses the vCard format, just like Outlook or Google Contacts, which makes updating contacts far easier. The device remembers up to 500 names with data such as phone numbers and e-mail and postal addresses. And the optional keypad lock with PIN protection also prevents the device from being used by children or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Create freedom consciously

The T480HX helps draw a clear dividing line between work and private life. If further handsets are connected to the same router or DECT base station, phone numbers can be assigned for incoming and outgoing calls. For example, the handset in the home office always rings in response to calls from the company’s number, but all other calls are taken by the other handsets in the household. And because the T480HX needs no telephone socket, but only a power connection, work calls can be made from the patio or conservatory now and again. That’s not absolutely necessary, but is possible. Thanks to modern technology.

After all, one thing’s for sure: The home office is a blessing in an age where we also need to keep our private life well-organized because family obligations make as great demands on us as work. Things for which there’s no longer time in the office can be dealt with from home after you’ve picked up your daughter from the crèche. Only flexible working models enable mothers and fathers to reconcile all their duties. And we sincerely enjoy helping them in that with our refined communications solutions.

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