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Interview with Felipe Martin, Managing Director of Gigaset Communications Iberia

26. October 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

You predicted that 2021 would be the year to consolidate networks and infrastructure to maintain the quality of communications. Has this been the case? How has the year gone?

If 2020 left a scenario where the need for digital transformation became more than evident, 2021 has brought to the table the importance of integrating different systems to guarantee communications at all levels and in all circumstances in a competitive manner. This year, innovation in flexibility and mobility have been key factors as organisations have sought to maintain reliable and robust connectivity and sustain their hybrid working models, with remote and in-office systems. Most importantly, infrastructures designed to combine with digital platforms to support corporate interactions and an evolving business culture.

What is the partner profile that fits perfectly with Gigaset’s philosophy?

Our strategic partners, with whom we generate alliances and contribute to strengthening our business, have certain points in common. They are wholesalers, value-added resellers and specialist distributors in the communications technology and IT infrastructure sector, with a trusted and qualified team that provides reliability in their customer focus. They are leading global suppliers with a key role in technology deployment as they are not only committed to the marketing and distribution of our products, but are also able to maintain solid contact with other players and integrators in the market.

Within your channel proposition, both technical support and training are fundamental. What are the most frequent requirements of your partners in these areas?

Our partners are looking for competitiveness and business opportunities with solid and exclusive solutions that provide reliability. In order to achieve this, they are looking for comprehensive support with training classes and permanent contact that allows them to acquire detailed knowledge of the product they are going to market. Another indispensable component for them is the connection with other authorised distributors and the possibilities of generating commercial synergies. Finally, and a key aspect to enhance their work, is the continuous support in both technical and service aspects and the promotion of the joint development of business plans.

The business communications market is becoming increasingly crowded and it can be a problem for partners to choose which manufacturer to work with. What reasons would you give for choosing Gigaset?

Gigaset’s experience and trajectory guarantee the quality of our “Made in Germany” solutions, which are highly recognised in the sector. We are committed to evolve with every development to offer the most innovative technology to drive quality business communications, accompanying companies in their digital transformation. We advocate the optimisation of our technology and provide a qualified and sustained relationship with our strategic partners to meet their demands with wide margins and enable them to interact with all the competitive advantages with their customers.

2022 is expected to be a year in which technology in general, and business communications in particular, will take centre stage. What are your expectations for the new year? What are your goals?

Our objective is to maintain the continuity of support and strengthening of the customised business telecommunications network, adapted to the needs of any professional environment. Undoubtedly, each company is different and, at this time, we are confident that our professional portfolio of IP telephony, wireless terminals, scalable DECT systems, smartphones and unified communications solutions will contribute to strengthen your connectivity with security and reliability in competitive conditions.

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