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Light and color: Tips for taking smartphone photos that are full of mood and atmosphere

17. July 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

The third part of our series gives you a few more tips on composing pictures. Apart from the basics needed to take a good photo, there are also a few possibilities you can toy with to create an exceptional result.

Use the light

As you know, we’ve already talked about the challenges of taking photos with smartphones when it’s dark. But when is there the best light for your shots? That’s definitely at sunrise and sunset. Because then the light is gentler than during the day and you have the chance to capture great moods in your pictures with light.
However, you should avoid sunny places, in particular at midday, since the light can often be very glaring and there may be sharp contrasts or deep shadows – although they may be great stylistic means of taking a very special photo. Particularly in the mornings and evenings, the light creates very special moods you can capture wonderfully with your smartphone.

Why not try black-and-white shots for a change?

Another great variant of playing with the different moods light can create is black-and-white photography. Many motifs produce a completely different impact with it. Our tip: Photograph your motifs in color and also in black and white and so train your eyes to see which motif has the better effect and when.
You can use a filter in editing black-and-white photos – or the monochrome sensor that many smartphones, like the Gigaset GS370, have integrated in them. Just try out black-and-white photography the next time you’re on a Sunday stroll by the lakeside.

Landscape versus portrait format

Another important stylistic device you can use to capture good photos is to choose between landscape and portrait format. You should think about why you’re taking your photos beforehand. Do you want to publish them on a website, or look at them on your phone or preferably on your laptop? Do you intend to share them on Instagram or Facebook or print them out later and hang them on the wall? Whether portrait or landscape format is better depends on that.

Some motifs are simply ideal for portrait format.

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