Simple and convenient: Mobile telephony in old age

14. January 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset has been a leader in DECT telephony for years. Special offers for seniors are of course part of the portfolio of the “life series“. Gigaset has now expanded its portfolio with new senior smartphones and cell phones and makes mobile telephony easy and convenient in old age.

The Gigaset senior cell phones are the ideal solution for simple and secure mobile communication in old age. We have developed our senior-friendly mobile phones so that they can be used by older people without any problems.

We attach great importance to the special needs of the 60+ generation. A large display, large illuminated buttons and extra high call and ringtone volume are just a few of the special features of our new Big Button cell phones. An integrated emergency call function to draw attention to yourself in the event of a fall or short-term weakness offers older people the security they need, even when they are on the move.

Smartphone or GSM cell phone?

It should be a smartphone – no problem! With the Gigaset GS195LS smartphone with touchscreen everyone – no matter in which phase of life – keeps up with the times. With the smartphone, older people can not only make calls comfortably on the go, but also take photos and share these snapshots with their loved ones. And don’t worry: thanks to the specially developed user interface with clearly visible and enlarged symbols, operation is child’s play and requires almost no explanation. If there are any questions, the particularly extensive and lovingly illustrated operating instructions will help.

For beginners who primarily want to make phone calls, Gigaset offers the large button cell phones GL390 and GL590 – two very user-friendly cell phones with large buttons. Speed ​​dial buttons for family members and important contacts that can now be called with just one touch. The foldable GL590 makes answering and hanging up a call even easier by opening and closing it.


The Gigaset models GS195LS and GL390 and GL590

Three companions for mobile seniors

Senior smartphone GS195 LS

• Self-explanatory user interface
• Large, high-contrast display
• Emergency functions for your safety
• Detailed manual with large pictures
• Magnetic USB cable for easier insertion
• Fast-charging, long-lasting 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery
• 13 MP + 5 MP dual main camera and 8 MP front camera with LED flash
• Pre-applied protective glass and protective cover

GSM mobile phones GL390 and GL590

• Large buttons and an easy to read display
• 3 speed dial buttons for family members, neighbors or doctors
• SOS emergency call function for quick help in an emergency
• Extra high call and ringtone volume
• First-class sound quality when calling
• Very long battery life
• Hearing aid compatible
• Uncomplicated charging thanks to the charging station

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    The Gigaset senior cell phones are the ideal solution for simple and secure mobile communication in old age. That right!

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