Naturally online and yet so real – nature apps are booming

31. May 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Increasing digitalisation, i.e. mapping physical processes in software, has been noticeable in our society, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Especially in the professional environment, the change to a digital world has significant advantages. Just think of the virtual network possibilities and technological end devices that connect a full-fledged team of different members in the shortest possible time in the most diverse locations. But digitalisation is also useful for your free time. The latest trend? Nature apps.

But as helpful and efficient as many digital processes and possibilities are, people long for experiences they can have in reality. At the same time, our society does not want to live without digital luxuries, such as search functions on the net, uncomplicated payment services, contactless data transfer via NFC and Bluetooth 5.0, online orders – and certainly not without their own smartphone. So what to do? Perhaps the answer is a healthy mix of the digital and the real.

Trend: Nature Apps

A current trend, the use of nature apps during extensive walks, proves that a mix of digital and real exactly meets the needs of our society. In addition to the science of walking, also known as promenadology, some people have found a hobby that involves exploring foreign or familiar forests in real life and exploring them in more detail digitally, due to the limited leisure time available as a result of the Corona. What you need is a smartphone on which the relevant apps can be downloaded and thus used in the wild. Many apps, including the “Flora Incognita” project funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the free NABU-Vogelwelt app and the naturgucker.de community, offer instant answers to questions such as: What is flowering here by the wayside and what is the name of the tree with the rare leaf shape? Which bird species is chirping so enchantingly? This works, for example, by identifying plants using artificial intelligence or by downloading a wide variety of bird songs.

Of course you need the right equipment

And as is usual with any hobby, the right equipment is also important in this case. In addition to sturdy shoes, a smartphone with a long battery life is particularly suitable for an extensive exploratory walk. A feature that is a given in Gigaset’s smartphone portfolio in both the entry-level and mid-range segments. For example, the Gigaset GS3 with a battery life of 4,000 mAh or the fifth “Made in Germany” smartphone GS4 with an even longer breath of 4,300 mAh are already ideal for an extensive digital-real adventure tour in the woods at home or beyond. For the more advanced and those who like to venture into more challenging areas regardless of adverse weather conditions, the Gigaset GX290 Plus is of course the perfect companion in the great outdoors thanks to its robustness and water resistance.

However, despite the best equipment, it is important to be careful if you stray from the path. Because in both the digital and the real world, shared habitats must be protected and entered with respect. So anyone who explores nature must observe a number of rules. For example, it is not allowed to leave the paths in nature reserves. bird calls should be played at a moderate volume so that the natural forest inhabitants are not disturbed.

The use of digital technologies and devices in a real environment combined with adventure seems to be an inherently enriching combination for many people.

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