New senior citizen smartphone “Made in Germany”

15. July 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

GS4 senior – for everyone who wants smart communication, even in later life

The Gigaset GS4 senior is tailored specifically to the needs of older people. The specially developed user interface shows the key functions at a glance and is intuitive to use thanks to the modified keypad. At the same time, the GS4 senior is a fully-fledged smartphone in tune with the times featuring an intelligent emergency call function, Android apps such as WhatsApp, triple camera, wireless charging, and contactless payment function.

Video calls with the grandparents have taken root during the coronavirus pandemic. Many older people have become more open-minded about dealing with modern communication technologies. After all, you can only see the grandchildren remotely if you know how to use the device properly. As restrictions are now gradually being lifted, there’s more mobility again and a growing desire for adventure, you need the right companion for when you’re out and about. The GS4 senior is the next generation of Gigaset’s senior smartphone, making it as easy as absolutely possible for older people to communicate – by video call, in sending spontaneously taken photos, text messages and, of course, making regular phone calls. Naturally, all the apps the children and grandchildren have also run on the Gigaset GS4 senior. Simple instructions are provided to make it as simple as possible to switch to the new smartphone.

Separate user interface for easy access to functions

Thanks to the high-contrast menu with a large font and clear icons, using the Gigaset GS4 senior couldn’t be easier even for inexperienced users. The phone has a customizable start screen for up to eight applications that can be arranged individually. The bright and large display with a 6.3-inch screen diagonal is pin-sharp with full-HD+ resolution, and is supplied with a protective film. The GS4 senior also comes with a pre-assembled transparent case to additionally ensure that it won’t be damaged if it is accidentally dropped or slips out of your hand.

Powerful battery, simple charging

With its powerful 4,300 mAh battery, the GS4 senior is a reliable companion over several days with moderate use. When it does then need to be charged at some point, that’s easier than with other smartphones: either using the magnetic charging cable provided, which practically hooks up on its own, or via wireless charging. Simply place the GS4 senior on a compatible charging cradle and it will already start recharging – a function that is not otherwise commonplace in the mid-range price segment. Just like the option of using the phone to pay at the supermarket – the built-in NFC chip lets you use Google Pay, for example. Another practical feature is the triple card slot: It holds a memory card with up to 512 GB for an almost infinite number of photos and videos. And alongside its own SIM card, a second prepaid one can also be inserted for sending greetings home from abroad on vacation at a cheaper rate.

Built-in SOS function

In case of an emergency, a call for help can be made quickly using the emergency call button on the start page of the GS4 senior: In addition to the emergency number 112 already stored, other personal contacts can also be stored – the phone will dial them all in succession until someone picks up. The phone can also send an emergency SMS to previously defined numbers with a pre-formulated message – including the current location. That ensures a feeling of security – for the senior and family members alike.

Attractive smartphone, attractive pictures

As normal cameras are often left at home on walks, day trips, and meeting up with friends, the digital cameras in smartphones play an increasingly important role. The GS4 has a camera with 16 MP resolution and three lenses, in other words, an additional wide-angle and macro camera lens. The LED flash sheds the right light on the motifs. The selfie camera has 13 MP and is located above the display in a small notch – the V-notch – for both maximum display size and maximum photo experience.

The Gigaset GS4 senior is “Made in Germany” and produced in Bocholt in North Rhine-Westphalia. Gigaset GS4 senior users also enjoy the Gigaset service promise. In addition to the 24-month manufacturer’s warranty, Gigaset provides a three-month warranty on damage due to breakage or damp. And anyone who realizes within the first 90 days of purchase that they don’t need a senior smartphone after all, can simply return it thanks to the satisfaction promise.

The Gigaset GS4 senior goes on sale in Deep Black at stores and online retailers and in the Gigaset online shop at the RRP of €279 from end of July 2021.

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