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Gigaset outdoor camera: protection and deterrent in one

22. July 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

The Gigaset Smart Home system has been making homes safer for years and reliably informs the user via app about break-in attempts or other irregularities. Gigaset is now adding an outdoor camera to its portfolio for the first time. The Gigaset outdoor camera is the first Smart Home system component for outdoors, providing pin-sharp HD moving images at any time in real time, and scaring off burglars and anyone else who poses a potential threat with its striking appearance.

In eight of ten burglaries the criminals get away scot-free – the police clearance rate is just 17 percent.1 In the event of a burglary, cameras can provide valuable information. “With our new outdoor camera, we want to raise the protection factor of our Smart Home system to the next level,” says Roland Maesing, VP Smart Home at Gigaset.

“Surveillance cameras outdoors have a proven deterrent effect, which is why we consciously opted for the striking product design. At the same time, the compact camera provides valuable information in an emergency and helps solve crimes.”

Eyes and ears always open

The Gigaset outdoor camera automatically buffers the last three seconds of the live stream and permanently saves the recording if the alarm is triggered. HD quality means that details and faces are sharp and noise free – even in the dark at a distance of up to 15 meters, thanks to the infrared technology.

Sound recordings can also help solve a burglary or a crime if the criminals have spoken to each other, which is why the Gigaset outdoor camera has a built-in microphone that can record and understand conversations within the camera’s range.

Gigaset outdoor cameraJust one look and fully in the picture

In the case of an alarm, users can view the live image of the outdoor camera via the free Gigaset Smart Home app (“Gigaset elements” – for Android and iOS). If it’s just the kids who have forgotten to switch off the alarm after getting home from school, or the parcel delivery person is at the door, the all-clear is given. If, however, action does need to be taken, the police or neighbors can be contacted immediately. But the Gigaset outdoor camera also gives you with a feeling of security when you’re away on vacation – if there’s a storm warning or flood risk back in your home town, you just need to glance at the app to know what the status is at home.

Stand-alone or part of a system

The new Gigaset outdoor camera can be operated as a stand-alone device or integrated into an existing Gigaset Smart Home system. As a system component, the camera provides additional security. In the event of an alarm, for example, a 30-second recording will be triggered immediately. The Gigaset outdoor camera supports the peer-to-peer procedure, which sets up a direct connection from the app to the camera: The live image is available within the home in seconds, without major latency, even if the cloud isn’t available just then.

The Gigaset outdoor camera can be integrated into the home network either via WLAN or Ethernet. Power is supplied from inside the house through a small hole drilled through the outside wall measuring 16 millimeters in diameter. This type of assembly also protects the electricity and network cable against sabotage.

The camera is shielded from the elements in accordance with protection class IP66, and has a viewing angle of 110° horizontally and 60° vertically for a large recording area. Video recordings are streamed live in Full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p) in the Gigaset Smart Home app. Via an optional cloud memory expansion, the videos can also be saved in HD quality (720p) in the Gigaset cloud and then downloaded.

Gigaset outdoor cameraThe Gigaset Smart Home

The Gigaset Smart Home system has been making homes safer and more convenient with motion sensors, alarm sirens, a surveillance camera and smoke detectors since 2012. The Gigaset Smart Home app (for Android and iOS) shows users whether all the doors and windows fitted with sensors are properly secured, and informs them when smoke or water damage has been detected. All events can simply be documented in the cloud.

Users can also use a Gigaset smart plug on a standard lamp, for example, to make it look like they’re at home. That way, the Gigaset Smart Home systems offer protection against burglary and damage by the elements, and provide additional living comfort, for instance, through convenient heating and lighting control in combination with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Philips Hue. The system is modular and can be adapted to suit any living situation.

That means it’s also possible, for example, to operate one Gigaset outdoor camera in the garden and another on the carport in parallel. Live view, motion notifications, automatic recording when the Smart Home system alarm goes off, and a manual recording option with two days of cloud storage are all included with purchase of the camera.

The Outdoor Welcome Pack is available for just 99 cents to try out the extended service. Both recording packages, Outdoor Safety (one-week storage) and Outdoor 360° (30-day storage) with longer recording and storage times, can be booked as an additional service.

The new Gigaset outdoor camera goes on sale in the Gigaset e-shop, and from specialty and online retailers at the RRP of €199.99 from the end of July 2020.

High-resolution images and datasheets can be found here.

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