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Cheers to our parents: The best gift ideas from Gigaset

7. May 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

After all this time at home and the exceptionally cold April, we are looking forward to the summer, the change of scenery and being able to visit family and relatives more often. This comes at just the right time, because Mother’s Day is on 9 May in Germany and Father’s Day 2021 follows just four days later. This is unusual and doesn’t leave much time for thinking about and buying presents. But after last year, we’re not easily rattled and we’ve put together the best Gigaset gift ideas for mum and dad.

With summer, sun and homemade lemonade of course your favourite music can’t be missing. Now the whole family can enjoy the first warmer days in the garden while the Gigaset L800HX smart speaker plays your favourite playlist in the background. The Gigaset L800HX smart speaker not only works with Spotify, but also with Amazon Alexa. So if the homemade lemonade is empty, you can easily search the internet for a new recipe to make another summer drink with the help of voice-controlled Alexa.

For all mums who might want to indulge in spring cleaning and redecorating this spring instead of lying in the garden, we have a stylish and suitable gift for the new look of their own four walls. So that she can still talk to her best friend on the phone while she’s cleaning out, we’d suggest the Gigaset CL390 landline phone as a gift recommendation. It is stylish and modern in design and with its four trendy colours it fits into any room decor. Whether it’s in Satellite Grey, Lucent White, Purist Blue or Cantaloupe, every trend-conscious mother will be delighted with this design phone.

After making our mother happy with the colourful design phone, it’s dad’s turn. For him, the hidden champion Gigaset CL690A SCB landline phone would be just the thing this Father’s Day. The CL690A SCB is also modern and sleek in design, but presents itself a little more discreetly on the phone table than mum’s CL390. But the CL690A SCB not only has a chic look, it’s also pretty smart underneath. With the built-in call protection Smart Call Block, unknown call numbers are checked against the ever-growing online database of tellows. In this way, the smart Gigaset CL690A SCB reliably ensures peace of mind from advertising calls or other unwanted calls.

Now that there are no unwanted calls, the outdoor adventures in the beautiful spring weather can begin. If dad likes to go hiking, cycling or if tending his own garden is adventure enough for him, the Gigaset GX290 plus smartphone is the perfect gift for him. The GX290 plus is a robust outdoor smartphone that is water, dust and shock resistant. To make sure the phone lasts through the whole adventure and documents the best moments with the 13 MP + 2 MP dual main camera, it is equipped with a huge 6200 mAh lithium polymer battery. Even if the dads do get a hankering for a beer on the way home, that’s the easiest thing for the GX290 plus to do. It doesn’t yet conjure up a cool cold drink in the palm of your hand, but thanks to its NFC function, contactless payment is quick and easy.

So nothing stands in the way of the two days of celebrating your loved ones. Let the joy of giving and the anticipation of the beaming faces begin.

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