Why SIP is the new telephony standard and the best choice for every company

7. May 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Migrating traditional circuit-switched telephone networks to VoIP packet-switched networks is popular right now. That’s not surprising, since many providers will be shutting down their circuit-switched networks in the near future.

Deutsche Telekom was one of the first and many more will soon follow. That’s why many companies are quickly turning to new systems for their telephony, with many of them relying on Voice over IP. If you’re one of these companies, you’ll know that SIP is a core technology for VoIP and has become the standard in many places for business communication – all the main communication service providers have implemented the protocol in their networks. The result? All devices can be easily, safely and reliably supported.

The open protocol promotes the standard for communication

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows a communication session to be easily established, modified or closed on an IP network. This applies to any type of session – whether a simple phone call among colleagues or a complex telephone conference with many participants from all over the world sharing video or images. The advantage of SIP? It’s an open signaling protocol and used by many manufacturers as the standard for communication. The protocol is supported by a very active and strong community that keeps on adding new features. And because SIP is an open standard, many existing devices don’t need to be modified to use it. An interesting advantage for companies and users whose business environment comprise multiple devices.

Separate networks are a thing of the past

Another advantage is that you can use SIP on your existing data network, which means your company no longer needs two separate networks for voice and data. Instead, you use your data network for both. SIP allows you to easily integrate devices that your employees bring to the company (BYOD) or telecommunications devices that you provide to your employees. This technology makes it very easy to enable voice and data, as well as complex (business) communication on all devices. This is a key component for setting yourself apart from the competition. What’s more, with SIP you can flexibly choose between cloud telephony and systems installed on site, and significantly reduce your costs and management overhead in the future.

Security is critical

Added to this is the aspect of security. VoIP is data traffic, which naturally needs to be as secure as possible. SIP has multiple security mechanisms that ensure the right level of protection. For example, SIP can be encrypted or individual SIP messages encrypted with authentication requests. In addition, SIP allows encrypted media streams to be set up to prevent eavesdropping. All of this is to make sure that your business communication is not only of a high quality, but is also optimally secured.

The powerful core of small offices

What about the implementation of SIP at Gigaset Communications GmbH? It all began with our DX800A PRO. This solution served as the powerful and flexible heart of home and small offices. The product provides maximum flexibility thanks to a host of functions such as analog, ISDN and IP telephony. It can therefore satisfy whatever a customer demands of telephony. It offers SIP as an effective investment in the future, allowing customers to choose which telephony service is right for them. They can migrate from analog or ISDN to the new SIP technology whenever it becomes necessary. The right migration path is the key to success in developing IP telephony.

Seamless communication for larger companies

Because SIP is now established as the standard for business communication, medium-sized and larger companies can also switch to cloud-based solutions that, for example, use various network services such as SIP for telephony. In the end, it’s all about effective and seamless business communication. Our entire IP portfolio currently has the same SIP implementation, which makes it easier for you to install and support these systems. SIP has a promising future ahead, since it enables seamless, complex and secure business communication.

How does your business benefit from SIP?

SIP can be implemented on almost all communication devices and platforms. That means you can find the right SIP-based communication solutions to suit your needs. The high flexibility of most of these solutions allows you to easily adapt them to changes in your business. For Gigaset Communications GmbH, SIP has been the standard for some time now. We are developing a wide range of SIP-enabled solutions – from cordless solutions for SMEs, smartphones that can connect to your network via apps, to the new SIP desktop devices for any desk or wall-mounted use. Because SIP runs on your data network, communication has never been easier, more secure, and more flexible – with devices that truly suit the needs of the user.

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