Who tested it? The Swiss! Gigaset SL910A earns plaudits in PCtipp test

23. November 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

The SL910A is definitely one of our most stylish cordless phones. And it had the honor of lining up in a test comparing it with other devices conducted by PCtipp in November. Switzerland’s largest computer magazine scrutinized five fixed-line phones with DECT technology. We’re more than happy with our grade: “Very good”! And, of course, we are also a little bit proud that our candidate fared so well in the stringent test by the Swiss journalists.


The editors highlight the fine connectivity of the Gigaset SL910A – such as synchronization of Outlook contacts between the PC and handset, either by Bluetooth or via the USB interface. They also like the personalization options: Photos and melodies can be downloaded and assigned to specific telephone numbers. They also mention the calendar with its reminder function, the e-mail client and the SMS option.

Ready to record

The color display of the SL910A was the largest in the test and had by far the largest resolution (480×320 pixels) – Gigaset was also the only manufacturer in it to offer a touchscreen. Only two of the models had an integrated answering machine –and Gigaset’s offered the largest capacity: It can record up to 55 minutes of messages. Despite the variety of features, the editors found the menu navigation to be clear and almost self-explanatory.

Staying power

And the Gigaset SL910A boasts another advantage over the smartphone: greater endurance. It eclipsed its rivals in the test with its 12 hours of talk time. PCtipp’s verdict: Cordless phones are not only practical, but they also look good. Gigaset’s SL910A won plaudits for design, operation, display size and answering machine, picking up 4.5 out of 5 points and so the rating “Very good.”


And a further positive finding by PCtipp applies to all our cordless phones. Cordless fixed-line phones with DECT technology are the best choice for the home and in particular have an advantage over calls by mobile phone: They are not prone to disruptions. While mobile networks first have to penetrate walls from outdoors, DECT forms a self-contained radio cell within the building. Even calls using apps, such as WhatsApp, via WLAN are not as stable as DECT, according to PCtipp’s editors. They emphasize the huge reception range of DECT signals – enough to cover apartments and most multi-story houses. Gigaset has used the DECT standard since 1993.

The Gigaset SL910A can be obtained for €149.99 (RRP) in the Gigaset online shop.

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