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The best smartphone apps for the garden

6. August 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

During lockdown, when it was hardly possible to travel, the garden or balcony soon became a small oasis. Many finally found the time to attend to their garden or the balcony. After years of putting it off, herbs were finally planted, flowers sown, and vegetables cultivated. But what happens now, as the hectic of everyday life returns along with normality, and you no longer have as much time for gardening and experimenting in the garden? No problem! In the meantime, there are now numerous garden apps for almost any conceivable purpose that can help hobby gardeners and even professionals with gardening. We have summarized the best three apps that any gardener can use in this post.

The smartphone can now be used to manage and follow almost any aspect of everyday life – from health apps to the smart security system for the home. You can even now use an app to simply coordinate harvesting vegetables and herbs. The smartphone app “Der Gemüse-Gärtner” (The vegetable gardener) provides growing instructions and practical tips for numerous types of vegetables and herbs. The practical cultivation calendar in the app shows you when the ideal sowing and harvesting period is for different plants. You can use the search function to look for the plants you want to grow and call up the most important information and properties of them, adding the professional touch to gardening at home.

But professional gardeners don’t just know when the best times to sow and harvest are, but also which insects are crawling through the garden and whether or not they pose a threat for the plants. With the aid of the “Nützlinge im Garten” (Beneficial organisms in the garden) app, it’s quick and easy for hobby gardeners to now also identify their garden dwellers. They can use the “Nützling bestimmen” (Identify beneficial organism) button to find out about the characteristics of an animal and narrow down the options step by step. The animals can also be identified through a photo search using sample pictures. Once the garden dweller has been identified, users can also find out more details about effectiveness against pests, what the insect looks like, and how it lives.

For gardening, it is especially important to also also know which plants fit where in the garden. The “Stauden Ratgeber” (Plant guide) app can help users find the right plants for their garden. The database for the guide app covers more than 1,400 different types of plants. The search mask on the start screen of the app can be used to narrow down the selection of plants with the aid of different categories such as flower color, flowering period or plant height. That allows users to search for plants that would fit perfectly in their garden. There is a profile for each plant in the database, containing all the important information about planting and cultivating. Any hobby or professional gardener can use this app to pick the ideal plants for their garden. So, no matter whether time or knowledge are lacking, anyone can manage to keep their little coronavirus oasis looking good and well looked after with these apps.

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