One smartphone, thousands of trends worldwide

25. October 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

The smartphone has long become a constant companion in the trouser pocket of most Germans. More than 3 billion people worldwide use a smartphone. And that begs the question: How is the smartphone used in other countries? For example, in South Africa compared to China, or France compared to Japan? A study conducted in 22 countries around the world now provides answers to these questions.

There are numerous clichés in connection with smartphones, such as only young people use them. That’s not necessarily true, as the data from TGI Global Quick View shows. Take a look at France, where 15% of 55- to 65-year-olds own a smartphone – compared to 20% of 16- to 24-year-olds.

Different country, different social networks

Social media apps, like Facebook, Twitter, etc., are used to very differing degrees of intensity from country to country.

It’s not necessarily the case that smartphones are used much the same way in markets where consumer behavior is largely identical due to geographical proximity and cultural similarities. For instance, 68% of British smartphone owners use their device for social networking. The figure for Italy is 72% and for Germany just 58%.

There are similar differences in other application areas: For example, 42% of smartphone owners in South Africa use it for shopping or finances – and in China that figure is even 97%. Germany, with its skeptical attitude, is far removed from achieving such high numbers.

The social media favorites differ around the world: Twitter is especially popular among smartphone users in Spain and Mexico. LinkedIn is strongly used in Turkey, while Facebook is really hip throughout Latin America.

What’s really important?

The number of people using a smartphone is growing steadily. Scientists can observe certain mindsets shared by smartphone users. Owners in India, China and Turkey, for instance, agree how important it is to be able to let their family known they’re fine by smartphone.

The right model to suit everyone

As different as the ways smartphones are used may be, a few things are particularly important: A large, bright display, a powerful battery with staying power, and a reasonable price – the very hallmarks of smartphones from Gigaset. Whether for newbies, design lovers, tradesmen, outdoor fans or users who stream videos the whole time – Gigaset currently offers the perfect smartphone in 15 countries, with the focus on Europe. “We want to make smartphones for everyone, with all the features our customers need in their job and leisure time,” says Andreas Merker, VP Smartphones at Gigaset.

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