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Smartphones for the Mouse Mobil Club in Bocholt

17. November 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

A small good deed can make a big difference. In September 2020, the Mouse Mobil Club, a volunteer group in Bocholt, made an appeal for donations of old smartphones. The aim is to equip seniors with smartphones so that they can stay in touch with their families during the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying contact bans, and install and use the coronavirus warning app (Corona-Warn-App) for their own protection. Gigaset has responded to the appeal and donated 30 new smartphones to the Mouse Mobil Club.

A current survey also shows that smartphones have become even more indispensable than before for older people during the coronavirus pandemic. The volunteer group from Bocholt has also recognized that. Thanks to their commitment, they are giving older people in Bocholt access to computers and smartphones, and also providing support for practical issues.

“With the outbreak of the pandemic, it became even clearer just how important it is for older people to have access to modern technology. Whether it’s for maintaining social contact or installing the Corona-Warn-App, everyone should have a functioning smartphone. That’s why we as a telecommunications and smartphone manufacturer in Bocholt responded to the Mouse Mobil Club’s appeal and decided to donate 30 of our Gigaset smartphones,” explains Christoph Dodt, Product Manager at Gigaset.

Gigaset provided the Mobil Mouse group with 30 smartphones. Christoph Dodt presented the smartphones to Mr. Breuer from the Mouse Mobil Club on Thursday, November 12. Seniors in the Bocholt area can now stay in touch with their loved ones, especially during this difficult time, with Gigaset smartphones and help from the Mouse Mobil Club.

“We hope that we have been able to help ensure with our contribution that the dark time of the year doesn’t also become the lonely time of the year for a number of older people,” Dodt adds.

If you’re also interested in the campaign, you can take part at any time. Simply send your old (but, of course, still functioning) smartphone to the Mouse Mobil Club and help make the winter months not quite so sad and lonely for many older people.

You can find out more here.

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