Smoke Sensor 2.0 campaign: Gigaset supports Fire Prevention Day 2021

8. October 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Sad statistics: Some 400 fire deaths and 4,000 fire injuries occur in Germany every year. The most frequent cause of fires in houses and private apartments is technical defects or defective technical devices. Smoke detectors are therefore now mandatory almost throughout Germany. Smoke detectors save lives and every home should have them. Gigaset is supporting safety at home with the Gigaset campaign for Fire Prevention Day 2021. It is now easier than ever to protect the family from a potential fire. From October 8 to 17, 2021, existing Gigaset customers can make a one-time purchase of three Smoke Sensor 2.0 units for just €179.99 in the Gigaset online shop.

It is a common misconception that people sleeping will be woken up by smoke, because the sensory organs also take a rest when the body’s asleep. That’s why the Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 takes over night guard duty. The smart smoke detector has a battery life of over ten years and can monitor an area of up to 60 m² from a height of up to six meters.

When triggered, the Smoke Sensor 2.0 generates a loud alarm signal of more than 85 dB. In addition, the device has an LED light that flashes conspicuously in the event of an alarm or a malfunction. The Smoke Sensor 2.0 also provides a reminder every six months of its maintenance test and saves the results carefully in the Gigaset Smart Home app.

Via a simple registration and integration into the existing Smart Home system in the Gigaset Smart Home app, the smart Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 can be connected without any difficulty to other existing Smart Home sensors such as Gigaset Plug, Gigaset Siren and Phillips Hue. These sensors can then work together to not only provide users with an acoustic warning in an emergency, but also with visual support by switching on all the lamps to wake people up or indicate the fastest way to get outside.

The connection between the Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 and the Gigaset elements app allows users to respond quickly in the event of an alarm. That’s because all alarm signals are sent directly via the Gigaset Smart Home app to the smartphone and played there, allowing an immediate response even if no one is at home at the time.

The Gigaset campaign for Fire Prevention Day 2021 starts on Friday, October 8 and runs through October 17, 2021. The campaign is aimed at Gigaset customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands who already have a Smart Home solution and want to add three Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 units to it.

The coupon code “Smoke-2021” can simply be entered under “Discount codes” as soon as the desired campaign products have been selected and are in the shopping cart. Once the code has been entered, the discount will be deducted automatically for the products in the shopping cart during payment. Payment can then be completed as usual, and the home has adequate protection from then on.



*Use the coupon code in the Gigaset shop (http://www.gigaset.com/de_de/) in the shopping cart under “Discount Codes”. The total discount of €29.98 will be deducted directly when purchasing three Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 ONE X units (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/gigaset-smoke-sensor-2-0-one-x/). It cannot be subsequently offset or paid out in cash. The coupon cannot be combined with other discounts. The coupon code is valid from October 8 through 17, 2021 and applies only for as long as stocks last.

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