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Stay connected in every life situation – with the Gigaset life series

25. May 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Have you ever missed a call because the display simply didn’t respond when you touched it? Or had trouble hearing the caller? Or perhaps dialed the wrong number because the keypad is too small? Many people encounter such problems in everyday life. In particular, the elderly or people with special needs have to contend with mobile/fixed-line phones or smartphones that don’t offer the simple technology and functionality they require. That’s why Gigaset has developed the life series product line. A new explainer video on the Gigaset life series presents it and its benefits.

The life series product line was developed for people who are in the second half of their life and those with special needs. The life series is Gigaset’s range of mobile phones, smartphones and fixed-line phones to meet special needs – with technology that helps users without overtaxing them; with an appealing, yet discreet design: and above all with many useful features than make phoning in everyday life easier again.

The products are distinguished by their great ergonomics, convenience and security. Gigaset has optimized voice quality and comprehensibility through flexible acoustic profiles and special volume controllers, and enables names and numbers to be read easily thanks to large fonts on a high-contrast display. A particular focus is on haptics and the keypad: not only as regards size and illumination, but also the pressure point and lettering. The models’ user interface is clear and intuitive. All that makes phone calls easier again for the elderly and people with special needs.

You can learn more in the new explainer video on the Gigaset life series. Watch the video here or on YouTube:

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