My data, my responsibility?
19. March 2019

The issue of data security is as old as the Internet. As carefully as people handle some data, such as the four-digit PIN number for their EC card, some of us seem to be careless when surfing in the web. The risks to users grow inordinately in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), more

Whatever you do, don’t zoom: How to take successful photos with your smartphone
24. July 2018

The fourth part of our series is all about your smartphone’s technology. And it doesn’t matter what model you use – you can apply our tips very easily with any smartphone. Pay attention to image quality You can change the image quality very simply in the settings for your smartphone camera. You should choose as more

Light and color: Tips for taking smartphone photos that are full of mood and atmosphere
17. July 2018

The third part of our series gives you a few more tips on composing pictures. Apart from the basics needed to take a good photo, there are also a few possibilities you can toy with to create an exceptional result. Use the light As you know, we’ve already talked about the challenges of taking photos more