Klaus Weßing in an interview with “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft TV”
28. March 2019

Gigaset’s CEO Klaus Weßing was a guest at the TV studio of “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” on March 12, 2019. The interview focused on Gigaset’s transformation since 2008 – the year it was sold by and hived off from Siemens –, but above all on the years since 2016, during which time Klaus Weßing has steered more

Video streaming has revolutionized film and television
28. February 2019

You probably notice it from your own viewing habits: video streaming has become established and we couldn’t imagine life without it. A survey by Bitkom Research now reveals that on-demand portals in particular are growing in popularity – and that is why their number also keeps on increasing. Of course, streaming works best on our more