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The Gigaset Partner System: Bringing innovative telecommunications to customers together

11. May 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Whether it’s the small shop around the corner, a doctor’s office or a gym – Gigaset has the perfect communications solution for every business. Through its community of dedicated partners, Gigaset provides a wide range of businesses with state-of-the-art telephony technology. The reliable value added resellers support customers in creating a complete communications solution and accompany the process from start to finish. The exclusive partnerships with many local companies and service providers across Germany and Europe are one aspect of the Gigaset Professional strategy that is considered particularly valuable to the company with its long-standing roots and factory in Bocholt.

In the Gigaset Professional Partner System, the cohesion and good coordination between Gigaset and its partners is based on reciprocity: while Gigaset supports its cooperation partners in overcoming hurdles and problems in business, Gigaset itself gains new insights and experience in different industries on a daily basis and benefits from the expertise and solution approaches of the partner companies.

Gigaset is convinced that great things can be made possible through cooperation with partners. This is precisely why the long-established company focuses on stable and inspiring partnerships in order to find the best possible solutions for customers.

Professional partners

The close-knit network of regional partners consists of experts from the IT and telecommunications industry and communication system providers or value added resellers (VARs). Since the Gigaset partners install the solutions and phones on site as required, it is important that they have in-depth know-how of Gigaset hardware and systems. This is the only way to ensure optimum functionality for customers and thus fulfil the common performance requirement. Because Gigaset always guarantees the highest quality in its products and services offered, the same professionalism is expected from its business partners.

In the same way, Gigaset is continuously working with leading PBX manufacturers to perfect the compatibility of its products with the respective system and thus offer users the best possible experience. One example of this is the successful partnership with NFON, for which Gigaset DECT solutions have been deeply integrated into the NFON telecommunications platform. Joint customers thus benefit from a wide range of services such as auto-provisioning or simplified extension management, which ensure the future viability of the investment.

Gigaset Academy guarantees in-depth knowledge

To ensure that Gigaset sales partners have the necessary knowledge, the Gigaset Partner Service Portfolio covers much more than simple authorisation. Gigaset passes on its knowledge to its partners. The Gigaset Academy was created for this purpose. Here, partners can take part in training seminars on product updates, find out all the relevant information about the Gigaset portfolio and are also introduced to technical details that are necessary, for example, for DECT measurements. Currently, these training sessions take place online so that the necessary knowledge transfer can be guaranteed despite the pandemic. Gigaset partners will also receive ongoing support after the training sessions, for example through continuous technical support for questions, the ongoing transfer of relevant market knowledge and, if necessary, with individual project support.

Trust in an established brand

Thanks to the strong partner network, Gigaset phones and DECT systems have now also become standard in many companies. The award-winning product portfolio – from modern desktop phones and handsets to extensive single and multi-cell systems – is constantly being revised with the input of Gigaset partners from day-to-day business and new, innovative products are being brought to market – including the “Made in Germany” seal of quality.

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