The rugged smartphone from Gigaset is perfect for the tough world of the hospitality industry

2. December 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

In the centre of the town of Oud-Beijerland in the Netherlands is Jaap & Ellen’s shop. Jaap supplies the highest quality Dutch and international cheeses, fine cold cuts, quality wines, and home-made delicacies. Ellen serves the tastiest bread rolls and toasted sandwiches on the menu with a smile. Come to Ellen for a delicious cup of coffee and a piece of cake or a glass of good wine with a selection of snacks.

Ellen’s kitchen store on the Molendijk was turned into a lunchroom in 2017. Shortly after that guests could also enjoy the terrace. It was a huge success! But how do you take all the orders properly? And how do you make sure that they reach the kitchen safely? The owner, Jaap van Nieuwaal, talks about collaborating with their current supplier of IT, Telephony and Energy – Nemesys. Jaap knows the people at Nemesys very well as they too come from the same area. The short lines make for clear communication. Together they looked at what was needed from the smartphone and which was the most suitable one for the terrace.

Jaap & Ellen's and the Gigaset GX290 PRO

Reliable Smartphone

“The most important thing is the smartphone works every day. It must have a battery that can last the whole day,” says Jaap. “Indoors we work with Gigaset’s fixed units which are really easy to use. So we did not have to think long and hard about it and we went for the Gigaset GX290 PRO smartphone. Gigaset is a well-known brand and you always hear positive reports about it from the market.”

Water and shock resistant

When we ask Jaap about how his colleagues experience the unit, he immediately calls over one of the serving staff who says that “It felt a little heavy at first, as you carry it around in your apron. But that was just a question of getting used to. It works really well! The advantage of its weight is that it can take a knock. It won’t break into pieces if you accidentally drop it.”

A smartphone perfect for outdoors

“Furthermore, the smartphone has a larger screen than our previous one and it works more quickly so it is a lot more user friendly. Even if I am standing outside in bright sunlight, I can still see the screen clearly,” says the employee.

Battery life

“Apart from that, the battery life is really important for us,” she continues. “This battery easily lasts a couple of days without needing to be charged and that is very convenient! I always check how full the battery is at the end of the day. If it is less than 50% I put it on the charger. Then we can use it again the next morning.”


When we ask the owner if he would recommend the Gigaset to other restaurant and café owners, he does not hesitate for a second. “Most definitely! And this is because of three things:

reliability, user-friendliness and shock resistance.”

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