More convenience and security with the smart doorbell

17. June 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Connected video doorbell with an intercom function for Gigaset Smart Home alarm systems

Gigaset is adding a new dimension to the smart home and presenting its first smart doorbell. Equipped with a full-HD camera, microphone and loudspeaker, the device replaces existing doorbells and delivers pin-sharp moving images to the smartphone. That means users always know who is at the door or has arrived home, since the intercom function also allows them to communicate when they are out and about. Gigaset has been operating in the smart home market since 2012 and is continuously expanding its portfolio in this arena. The medium-sized German company aims to rival global providers with its smart doorbell and a cloud hosted in Germany.

It is forecast that around one billion euros will be spent in the smart home segment of building security in Germany in 2025. Almost one-in-five Germans now have a smart home device with an alarm function, and many use video surveillance – and their ranks are growing.* “This trend harbors huge growth opportunities for us,” says Franka Abraham, Senior Product Manager at Gigaset. “That’s why, just last year, we presented our first smart outdoor camera and the new generation of the smart camera for indoors. We are now taking this technology to the front door and marrying it with the doorbell.”

A lot of technology in a compact guise

The smart doorbell comes in a glossy black housing, measures 135 x 47 x 28 mm (L x W x D) and is mounted upright. It boasts a tactile pushbutton and is equipped with a full-HD video camera, motion sensor, microphone and loudspeaker. With its viewing angle of 115° horizontally and 57° vertically, it offers a perfect overview, even if objects or people are right in front of the lens. The Gigaset smart doorbell even delivers pin-sharp images in the pitch dark from a distance of up to three meters thanks to its infrared night vision feature. Two-way audio in duplex quality enables clear communication from the smartphone to the door.

The device is supplied with power via the wire of the existing doorbell (8~24V < 15W) – no battery is required. It can be connected with a WLAN router (2.4 GHz) using the free Gigaset elements app. When the smart doorbell is accessed, images are streamed in full HD via a direct connection (P2P) using Live View. Videos are only sent to the Gigaset cloud when they are recorded and are stored there in HD quality. Additional fee-based service packages also allow the video to be saved and longer recordings to be made. The cloud is hosted in Germany on heavily protected servers in Frankfurt am Main, which ensures maximum data security and protection in compliance with German data privacy legislation.

One device, three impregnable advantages

The Gigaset smart doorbell ensures greater convenience, security and ease of mind in every home. When the bell rings, users can see who is at the door and communicate with them from wherever they happen to be – on the couch, shopping or even on vacation. They can then ask the postman to simply leave a parcel at the door or with a neighbor, for example.

The smart doorbell with its motion sensor can also send users a push message to notify them if something is going on in front of their door – thanks to the video stream, parents know whether their children have got back safely from school, the playground or a visit to their friends, for example – a reassuring feeling.

And that also works just as well with unwelcome guests: Videos from surveillance cameras can provide valuable clues about the culprits after a break-in – and, in the best-case scenario, they deter burglars from even trying.

“It’s not the installation location, but the technology that is crucial in delivering images that are truly insightful and revealing,” says Franka Abraham. “That’s why our smart doorbell has an infrared mode that ensures crisp images even at night – by the way, security experts clearly recommend this technology.”

The smart doorbell unleashes its full strength in interaction with Gigaset’s Smart Home alarm systems – the door and window sensors, motion sensors, wireless plugs and indoor and outdoor cameras form a security network enveloping the home and affording it the best-possible protection. The Gigaset smart doorbell can switch on devices connected to a Gigaset plug and ensure visual notification, for instance. In combination with a Gigaset Go-Box 100, it is also possible after an update to make all connected fixed-line phones ring so as to provide an additional acoustic signal. The new Smart Doorbell is also compatible with Philips Hue and Alexa partner systems, just like the entire Gigaset Smart Home alarm system.

The Gigaset smart doorbell is also compatible with Nuki Smart Lock 2.0. That means users can not only see and speak with the person ringing the doorbell via the Gigaset elements app, but can also open the door with the electronic lock. That is extremely practical if children have forgotten their key yet again and no one is home.

“The smart doorbell is an important strategic addition to Gigaset’s Smart Home portfolio,” Abraham sums up. “Our customers appreciate the simplicity and compatibility of our convenience and security solution. However, they also expect to obtain all the components they want for their home directly from us, so we intend to continue to meet that wish in future, too.”

The Gigaset smart doorbell ONE X goes on sale at retailers and in the Gigaset online shop from mid-June 2021 for 169.99 euros (RRP). More information can be found at www.gigaset.com/hq_en/.

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