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Home alone: These apps and gadgets help pets when they are alone

25. April 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

When the cat is out of the house, the mice dance on the tables. But what do cats, dogs and co. actually do when they are home alone? The behaviour of our beloved furry friends in this case is very different: some sleep away the time and are actually quite content. Others tear the place apart out of fear, frustration or boredom. But there is a pet app or two: together with practical gadgets, they make it easier for our four-legged friends to be alone and for their two-legged friends to leave them alone.

Especially dogs suffer

Being alone is especially stressful for dogs. A qualitative study by the University of Bristol found that 34 of the 40 dogs studied suffered from separation anxiety. The consequences: Some of them bark, run around restlessly all the time or chew objects. Others suffer more silently.

Cats, on the other hand, are considered loners. But they are also happy when their favourite human comes back. This is shown by their greeting behaviour with a raised tail and a joyfully excited purr.

In summary: It’s not easy for our furry pets to look after the house alone. Fortunately, some pet apps for smartphones and the right gadgets can help.

Pet App #1: Video surveillance for Spot and Whiskers

What serves to monitor the security of a home also supports the well-being of our pets. With a camera in your home, you can follow what’s going on at home from work via the corresponding app. And whether the beloved pet is getting along on its own. For example, the Gigaset Camera 2.0 and the Gigaset elements app (Android/iOS) offer a secret view into your own home – even in the dark thanks to the infrared function. And if your beloved furry friend is suffering at the moment? Then you can go home early and give them a hug.

Pet App #2: Where is he? There he is!

A basic problem with leaving dogs and cats alone at home is boredom. It’s good when there’s a garden available. Because there is always something for the pets to discover. However, even if the garden is fenced in, there is always a residual risk that outdoor cats and dogs will run away. But there are GPS trackers for this – such as the GPS tracker from traktive with the matching pet app. With it, you can easily check where the little rascals are at any given moment. This way, dogs and cats can be located anywhere in the world. There is also an individually adjustable distance alarm. If the pet leaves a previously defined area, such as the garden, an alarm sounds on the owner’s smartphone.

Pet App #3: Catch the Mouse

Cats cope better with being alone than dogs. But they are often bored too. If you want to entertain your cat from the office, you need the app-controlled mouse from BZZBZZ. This way, the house cat can follow its natural hunting instinct. The futuristic mouse on wheels also has a small compartment where you can put catnip. This makes the remote toy simply irresistible for most cats!

Pet App #4: Feeding predators from a distance

When feeding crocodiles, it is advisable to keep some distance. Hopefully, this is not necessary with your own dog or cat. But how do you feed your pet when you’re at work? Quite simply with an automatic feeder including an app. This allows you to conveniently control portions and feeding times while on the go. In addition, you can take better care of your pet’s slim line. Because many animals that are alone during the day eat too much out of boredom.

Pet App #5: Talk to your pet

You can use Smart Speakers as an intercom system – and thus talk to a four-legged friend who has been left alone in order to calm him down. To do this, you need a Smart Speaker with drop-in function – such as the Gigaset Smart Speaker – and the appropriate app.

But be careful: this tip does not work for all furry friends. Sometimes a master’s or mistress’s voice out of nowhere triggers even more fear and confusion. That’s why our tip is to try it out first when you are not far from home and can return at any time.

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