World record: Mobile phone users spend 125 billion euros in app stores worldwide for the first time in 2020
12. February 2021

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) will have to take on far more debt in 2021 than previously planned, the Spiegel reported in its November edition last year. “According to Spiegel information, experts from his ministry and budget experts from the government factions expect the federal government to take out up to 125 billion euros in more

No more battery problems: How a smartphone simply has more staying power
8. February 2021

The best way to ensure a long runtime is a strong battery – that much is known. But the correct charging of the batteries also plays an important role in the overall life of the products. Tests have shown that a 10 percent reduction in the maximum charge can extend the overall battery life by more

Whatsapp: To stay or to leave, that is the question.
21. January 2021

When Edward Snowden, the whistleblower and data privacy activist, outs himself and confesses: “I use Signal every day,” and Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of Tesla, advises his followers on Twitter to “Use Signal,” then Joe Public begins to wonder and perhaps thinks about changing his toothpaste and trying Signal instead. Yet more

B2B smartphones – successful thanks to customization
23. November 2020

This post on B2B smartphones was published on LinkedIn on November 19 by Ralf Lueb. The post can be viewed, liked or shared at this link. It makes total sense that different professions require different means of communication, especially if you consider the often completely different settings they have. While, statistically, traditional offices mainly use more

The best holiday apps for your back, sunburn and mosquitoes
10. September 2020

Hardly anyone is spared this trinity of problems when on vacation. Although you’re aware of and prepared for them, you still end up suffering the consequences. Sitting behind the wheel for a long time, lugging heavy suitcases, lying for hours on a lounger or on the beach (on your back, of course), and counting sheep more

Mindfulness with apps as a new smartphone hype
19. August 2020

Everyone knows the expression: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Nowadays it’s “A meditation a day keeps the doctor away.” That’s the conclusion scientists reached in a study by Harvard University. They found that meditation exercises help reduce stress levels and strengthen the immune system, with the result that you feel more balanced, more

Medical Apps: Doctors can soon prescribe smartphone apps
4. August 2020

Just a few more weeks, then doctors in Germany will be able for the first time to prescribe medical apps for the smartphone, as the German digital association Bitkom reports. That’s a first, since diabetes diaries, back exercises to do at home, or eye exercises can then be prescribed by the doctor and covered by more

Disinfecting your smartphone – the issue of cross-contamination
29. March 2020

The current coronavirus pandemic has made the general public highly aware of the need for greater hygiene to protect against infection. We wash our hands more, keep a distance from each other, and look out for potential risks in public spaces. All that is the right thing to do. But there is one subject that more

Robust, enduring and up to date – the Gigaset GX290 in the press
10. January 2020

The GX290 was one of the highlights of the year – not just for Gigaset because it was the company’s first so-called “ruggedized” smartphone, made especially robust for use in challenging environments. But also for the press, who were able to convince the recipient qualities of the new smartphone. The Gigaset GX290 is the reliable more