Smartphone use: Keep your head up – for your digital wellbeing
21. June 2021

Smartphone use: We all know the story of Johnny Look-in-the-Air: “As he trudg’d along to school, It was always Johnny’s rule To be looking at the sky And the clouds that floated by; But what just before him lay, In his way, Johnny never thought about; So that everyone cried out – “Look at little more

What our smartphone behaviour reveals about our personality
7. June 2021

Always going to bed punctually, checking the weather when you get up, charging the battery at night, and listening to music or watching a Netflix series at the weekend: The way we use which app on our smartphone reveals more about our personality than we’d like. This is what a recent study on smartphone behaviour more

Naturally online and yet so real – nature apps are booming
31. May 2021

Increasing digitalisation, i.e. mapping physical processes in software, has been noticeable in our society, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Especially in the professional environment, the change to a digital world has significant advantages. Just think of the virtual network possibilities and technological end devices that connect a full-fledged team of different members in more

You can rely on this smartphone!
17. May 2021

A smartphone that survives a fall from a ladder or an unexpected diving trip in an aquarium without any problems – this is something that is not only highly valued in Germany. The robustness of the Gigaset GX290 plus smartphone is also in high demand in the Netherlands. It is precisely this robustness that is more

Gigaset customisations are very popular
10. May 2021

Gigaset smartphones have been manufactured at the Gigaset plant in Bocholt since 2018. The modern Industry 4.0 production process not only offers logistical advantages, safeguards jobs in Germany and improves sustainability. It also allows Gigaset to produce with greater flexibility for individual customers. Smartphones can be easily produced and customisations can be made in smaller more

Good smartphones don’t cost a fortune
29. April 2021

For many people the smartphone has become the most important device in everyday life and hardly anyone can imagine doing without it. The main reason for this is the versatility of modern smartphones, as they combine daily communication, entertainment and education in a small, practical package. The digital association Bitkom predicts that the number of more

Are you still making calls or already streaming?
9. March 2021

Calling or streaming: 94 percent of Germans – 78.81 million people – now use the World Wide Web. Looking at the number, that presumably means just about everyone apart from babies, kids below five and the elderly above the age of 90. And the average German spends five hours and 26 minutes a day online more

The best apps for selling clothes by smartphone
4. March 2021

In the second part of our blog post on the subject of “selling clothes by app and smartphone,” we take a look at the trendiest apps for that and at well-known conventional channels. Flea market and classified ad apps are a convenient way of selling used clothes locally and without hassle – anytime, anywhere. You more

The top tips and trends for selling clothes by app and smartphone
2. March 2021

Germans like mobile shopping – and the smartphone is growing in importance as a shopping portal among just about all age groups. The items most frequently purchased are clothing and shoes (63 percent), according to a study. But what about selling clothes, books or CDs by smartphone? Our blog post looks at the subject of more